Healthy Lifestyle

I. What is a truly healthy lifestyle?

1, The definition of healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle helps to keep and improve people’s health and well-being involving critical health numbers. The key to a healthy lifestyle is to find balance in physical activities, healthy eating blood pressure, cholesterol/ sugar, and weight and stress management. A healthy lifestyle brings lifelong and comfortable effects as it reduced the risk of being seriously ill or dying early. Your daily habits from your lifestyle and with a healthy lifestyle you will be more fit and energetic. Therefore, live up to a plan for a healthy lifestyle and once you have been able to make it, you have all the benefits you want.

2, Why don’t you have a healthy lifestyle?

Some people don’t even know what healthy lifestyle means. Some know they should follow the healthy lifestyle but their studying and working timetable makes it impossible. Or the others know how to lead a healthy life, but they are simply too lazy to do it. Here are clarified reasons that you can find yourself in there

+ The cycle of unhealthy lifestyle: once having started to lead and habituate yourself to that, a self-perpetuating and vicious cycle is created. First, you will begin feeling like you don’t have enough condition to pursue a better living. When you neglect healthy living as you may think you lack of strength, energy and emotional wellness and then end up feeling worse. This terrible feel prevents you from exercising and other good choices. In conclusion, you are trapped in a cycle of plummeting health.

The only way out of this is to find a way to incorporate healthy changes, however small, over time.

+ The time costs: you have a busy schedule and that’s why. You scare that leading a healthy living takes up too much time, therefore, you need a reality check. The benefits don’t just include the distant possibility of a long life and you may feel boring quickly when trying to run 30 minutes every morning or cooking at home. But that’s because you never know how unhealthy lifestyle can take up even more time.

+ Mastering time management: Everyone wastes time. But unhealthy habits eat away at the same time that could be spent doing useful things rather than just cleaning the inbox or emails to feel connected to the world. Better time management begins with discerning how you waste time.

3, Why is it “simple – but it’s not easy”?

+ Start healthy lifestyles mean people having to cut down on their time surfing the Internet. People have to get acquainted with the habit of checking social media to feel connected, and they are always afraid of missing a piece of news or one’s message when doing exercises or things for a better lifestyle. Thus, to many people, it is hard at first.

+ Changing behavior takes courage, fortitude, resilience, and resolve required to make the change, maintain the new habits, to constantly say no to temptations, to not make excuses. All of this takes a lot of work.

II. What should we do to lead a healthy lifestyle

1, The components of a healthy lifestyle

– According to simple wiki, hear the things healthy life most associated with: proper diet, physical exercise, proper sleeping pattern, personal hygiene, the absence of bad habits or addiction, health education, safe environment, physical fitness, love through social support and healthy relationships, emotions.

(Source reference:

2, What habits should we maintain?

– Sleep

  • The common state nowadays is that teenagers who need to sleep the most for their growth always have less sleep than they need. All the things such as homework or social obligations make them stay up so late but still have to get up early to get to classes or other activities.
  • Next is the importance of sleep. Everyone needs a minimum of eight hours of sleep each night for alertness and concentration fully recuperation. Your energy levels are recovered to help you get through the day.
  • Here are some tips for getting a good night’s sleep: Have a proper routine of going to bed such as having a shower or having a warm drink. Then try to minimize any light sources in the bedroom by closing the curtains, if you need some light, just leave the bed light on. Some people need music to sleep, thus, remembers to set the automatic time off and keep the volume down. Set your phone to the silent mode to prevent the phone waves.

– Physical Activity

  • It is undeniable that exercising is essential to stay healthy. It helps our building a strong body and mind. Researches show that mind that can think more clearly and have less stress when you exercise in conjunction with eating a balanced diet. Physical activity releases endorphins, which effectively manage moods and improve your overall well-being.
  • Followed will be some tips for effective exercising. First, you have to determine your situations that how much time you can devote to exercise? Working out at a gym or a house is both good, but at the gym, you will have devices and more motivation. The key is to “Keep it simple” and remember not to overthink things! Those simple movements have a good effect on your bodyline and physical state: squats, butt, and hamstrings, push and pull. Once you get confident in those movements, add some variety to make it more interesting. You should do in 45 minutes to an hour.

– Sharing the load: If you feel stressed or overwhelmed, having friends and family that you can confide in is really important. To be a healthy person, rather than dealing with problems alone or not dealing with them at all, it helps to speak with someone you trust. Those around may not always realize you are going through something so it’s important to let someone know.

– Play: Don’t forget to laugh. It is always true: laughter is the best medicine. This makes you feel good and mage to have balance in your life. Take time to learn about what makes you feel good. It’s all about balance.


3, What diet should we go on?

– When you don’t eat well that you could be put yourself at risk of becoming overweight, or underweight. You are more likely to be more susceptible to illnesses, cardiovascular diseases, and acne. Moreover, your mood may have become erratic and then experiencing depression, a lower level of enjoyment of life.

– Eating diet:

+ Here are some tips you can follow to have a healthy diet:

At first, you have to understand what the well-balanced diet is.

Eating foods from all five-food groups is important. In addition, within each food group, you have to eat a variety of foods too. Choose carefully which food you will take to eat the right amount of calories. For example, you should consume a balance of meat/protein, whole grains, as well as eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, and your diet should as well include sources of healthy fat.

Don’t skip breakfast. Eat something for breakfast every day.

Meet with a registered dietitian to have a proper diet, which is suitable to your own physical condition.

(Source reference: )

– Drinking diet

+ Drink plenty of water.

Have you known the benefit of drinking enough water every day? Now we will tell you. In general, water stops headaches and dizziness as fights infections. Water can even support your heart; as a result, water can improve concentration and boosts your energy. To women, water means a lot to their beauty. Water helps with weight loss. Water not only is a natural wrinkle-buster but can also clear your skin.

Then do you know how much water per day should we drink? It is about eight glasses of 200ml each for a woman, and 10 glasses of 200ml each for a man.

+ A lot of people are coffee, wine, and beer lovers. They can somehow drink them in replacement for water in moderation. If you can balance the amount of drinking coffee or wine or beer, it can bring you benefits. For more information how the appropriate of drinking wine or beer can benefit you, check out our previous article: Wine and Beer.

However, don’t drink coffee before bedtime as it can affect your sleep badly.

+ Ways to stick to your diet

Write a meal plan and strictly follow it. By that way, you can maintain a Well-Balanced Diet.

Remember! Restrictive diets never work out. It will get you more starve for food, and the amount you retake after that restrictive diet will make you even gain more weight than before.

Motivate yourself: every time you want to give up, read a long list of reasons that you want to lose weight every morning. The best way to keep you on the track: recognize that you can eat whatever you want or you can look better.

Enjoy every bite by eating everything sitting down, slowly. You will feel less likely to eat mindlessly.

Share load as above: report to another person daily. Stay accountable to yourself.

There is no perfect diet; just believe in your current diet.

Tell yourself that every time matters, it’s the habit!


4, What should we do in our free time?

As nowadays more and more people are more likely to be stressful, they need free time to explore their own interests, build relationships and balance your life. What you do in your free time should be considered in those standards:

Stress management: free time is what reduces your level of stress. Leave your phone or computer or TV right away.

  • You can read books, cooking in your home.
  • Or to go outside and enjoy the nature, we highly recommend you doing gardening or walking. Not only do you get to commune with nature, you can cut down your grocery bill to boot. There is a saying: “Take a walk with Mother Nature, it will nurture your body, mind, and soul.”

Make friends: Going outside with your friends, taking photographs. Or simply taking classes of drawing together, this tightens your friendship and funny talk with your friend makes your life happier.

Lifestyle balance: Just simply lay on the bed, listening to music, watching the garden, the bird and meditate. Yes, it balances your body, soul, mind.

– Some cute things in our mentioned articles can make you become more interested in those above healthy activities: running, gardening, yoga lovers. They are:

Menander said that: “Health and intellect are the two blessings of life.” We hope this article can inspire you to live or maintain a healthier life.

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