Halloween: History and Party

It’s time to wrap things up and have a wild and crazy Halloween! However, how much do you know about this holiday? How to make it perfect with you Halloween party! Read our article and you may have your answers!

I. All about Halloween:

Like many other holidays, Halloween has evolved and changed throughout history.

What is the origin of Halloween?

The Celts worshipped nature and believed in the spirit world. More than a thousand years ago the Christian church named November 1 All Hallows which the day to honor the saints and other people who died for their religion. This was a time to forget about the summer and hope for a productive winter. The night before All Hallows was called Hallows Eve. However, although the Celts acknowledged the festival, they still kept their tradition and after a short while, later the name All Hallows Eve was changed to Halloween.

Why is Halloween celebrated?

Like the Celts, there used to be a long time when Europeans believed the night before October 31, the living and the dead would come together. They thought spirits of the dead would visit the earth caused problems and hurt them. When the people wore. They thought if they dressed in costumes that looked like ghosts or other evil creatures, the spirits would think they were dead and not harm them.

Halloween has now become famous all over the world, specifically in the United States. It is one of the most profitable festivals of the year.

People of all ages will dress up on Halloween. If there isn’t a big Halloween party in the area, some people have parties at home or at youth clubs and dress up to play scary games or tell ghost stories.

Is this a religious holiday?

As how that global reach of pop culture reflects, the costumes have moved away from the religious and supernatural roots. So on, Halloween costumes verify from everything: cartoon characters, celebrities, even social commentary…

Then we can conclude that even though Halloween began with a religious intention, it is completely secular nowadays.

II, How to celebrate a party

Hope your Halloween is fun and spooky. Eat, drink and be scary! Below are preparations

1, Place

Choose one place which is large enough to set the table. It is even more ideal with a garden having a small pool.

Large tables for food should be decorated like witch’s table. You cover the top with a black sheet and then put striped socks on each leg. Give an instant special look by finishing the look with old shoes at the bottom of each leg.

Other tables should be for placing things needed for the games.

2, Decoration

The decoration is what makes perfect a party.

First: Make glow in the dark balloons. You should pick up only two colors: white and black. Choose plain white balloons with sole dark balloons. Orange is somehow too bright for a scary type party. Those balloons are better to pick from a dollar store. Remember before you blow these balloons up, a glow stick should be put inside. Try to do before the guests start to arrive to keep the sticks bright throughout the party.

Second: the “handy candy”. Decorate the party with latex gloves embellished with candy and then tie the wrists with ribbon. Next is to spread those gloves around the party as for people to take away with them.

You can check out some decoration things we recommended in the previous article: 10 Special Halloween Gift Ideas In 2017

3, Food and drink

Here we only suggested specific shaped cookies and cake. Let the whole thing set this overnight party and then serve.

Fossil Cookies: Make sugar cookies as usual normal. The key is to press plastic bugs into the top of each cookie and then remove and freeze until set. Next is just to bake as usual. You have scary cookies to serve!

Bleeding Heart Cake: Let a heart shaped cake tin with an opaque pink set. Fill a plastic bag with corn syrup and red food coloring, or you replace by strawberry jam or blended berries are possible. Then just set the bag in the middle of the set cake. The tin should be filled with another batch.

Tips: You should use a Psycho knife to cut. Make sure to remove any bits of the plastic bag before serving.

Drinks: The Zombie Cocktail, Sweet Poison Cocktail, The Zombie Cocktail, The Risen From The Grave Cocktail, Blood Orange Margaritas.

You can look at some ideas here. 

III. Games

What to prepare for activities and games? Here we recommend two most-played games. These games help mood up the party. Help you have fun a lot in this overnight party!

1, Trick or treat game:

Nowadays, children don’t have as much time to go from houses to houses. It causes many parents and authorities worry about the safety of children moving from door-to-door to collect sweets and gifts from strangers, especially in large city communities worries. Instead, children can gather around and then make a copy of this game to keep in your Halloween stash. Here we have introductions for you if you need a quick game.

First: Prepare the cards.

Print out on a heavy and thick paper and cut them into small cards. If they are little ones, you should laminate and cut them out after that.

Recommended cards: 2-3 “Treat” cards and 6-7 “Trick” cards: Cackle like a wizard, crawl like a spider, make a silly face like jack o lantern, fly around like a witch on a broom…

Put in a mini cloth drawstring bag, or more carefully is jack-o-lantern, bowl.

Second: Now you have cards and you are ready to play.

Each person takes a turn pulling out a card: If you pick the “Trick” one, you have to do to that trick. If the “Treat” one comes out, the person picks a treat from the bowl, it may be candies or something cute.

Tips: Until all the game cards are used, the game finishes. Make sure everyone has turns.


2, Catwalk game

This game is inspired from costume dressing to make it more interesting. It is the chance to show and compete with other people to find who dress up the best. Your hours of makeup and dress up now can be paid off. This is actually upgraded from the zombie catwalk into a catwalk of many other roles.

Dressing Up Tips: For people of all ages can dress up on Halloween, we recommend these most popular fancy dress costumes: witches, vampires, monsters, ghosts, skeletons, and zombies.

For a witch, you can dress in an old white sheet or wear black clothes.

For a vampire, you can even cover your face in bright red tomato ketchup.

For skeletons, Print out the funny bones masks on A4 paper and carefully cut out the mask and each of the eyeholes.

For monsters and zombies: go to the local shops and look for hats, shoes, masks.

Makeup Tips: Checking out tutorials on YouTube here

Remember to prepare a specific lane in your garden with the dark-red blood-like carpet. Then enjoy the catwalk game with your friends and find the winners.

3, Gifts for Winners!

The gifts for those for the winners we recommend checking these following articles: 10 Special Halloween Gift Ideas In 2017, 10 Best Gifts Idea For Beer Lovers 2017, 10 Best Gifts For Wine Lovers 2017.


Enjoy your Halloween holiday with all above advice and recommendations. Wishing you a fun Halloween filled with magical surprises. Just have fun hanging with the gang! May you get lots of treats that are good to eat and hope your Halloween is just crawling with fun and happiness!

Halloween will soon be here, so try your best to have no fear. Enjoy the night with your party!

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