10 Special Halloween Gift Ideas In 2017

Halloween is traditionally an annual holiday coming with a lot of activities such as attending costume parties. Just lighting bonfires and then visiting haunted attractions to see horror movies listening to scary stories! We can always see lantern made of hollowed-put pumpkin with facial features. It is usual for children to dress up in Halloween costumes such as monsters or skeletons… and play the “Trick or Treat” game.

Then have you come up with something to gift your children or families waiting for “Trick or Treat ” game? As now costume selection has been extended including celebrities or fictional characters, you have more difficulties in choosing what will suit your loved ones best.

If you haven’t had any idea, we have some best Halloween Gift Ideas below to offer you. Hope our careful choosing up gifts can help fulfill your Halloween holiday. Head out for your holiday with your loved ones starting with our gift ideas!

1. Wine Bottle Light Cork Lights: LEDs Copper Wire Starry String Light

Something to light up your party wine bottles? We have this set for you to enjoy the romantic atmosphere.

These are bottle cork lights, which use LEDs. It comes together with wire starry string light and turns the bottle into lights. Lovely nightlights will light up your home and garden party by these creative cork shaped string lights.

This set uses 9* LR44 button batteries, which are safer than candles, you don’t need to worry about fire. Completely low consumption and no pollution and can last for 24 hours after each charging.

Length: 1.3m/ 4.26fts, 15LEDs.

Tips: Drop the string of 15 tiny lights into an empty bottle. All you have to do next is to switch the ON/OFF button too.

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2, “Crack Me!” Raven Egg Halloween Invitations

How to make your Halloween invitation more weird and dramatic? Here is the answer.

This is a “Raven Egg” which is used as Halloween announcements. Just rolling slipping into the inside and next is to await the reveal these little eggs will deliver to the recipients a surprising and creepy crunch when the eggs are cracked and the invitation shows up.

The eggs are about 1/4 the size of a chicken egg: 1″-1.5″ tall. There is a matte-black painted egg in each unit. They are nestled into a bed of Spanish and tossed in a box with “Crack Me”.

The good news is eggs are made sure to be emptied and cleaned as they are purchased from a local farmer.

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3, Wikki Stix “Trick or Treat” Pack

No mess, kids will all like this product to stimulate imagination and creativity!

A pack of colorful Wikki Stix especially made for the trick or treat game. You can keep the kids busy just as long as planners want. Only a couple of minutes to do the dot-to-dot sheet and kids trade and try other dot-to-dots! The best suggestions for the party parents!

No glue, no preparation, no cleanup is needed. Furthermore, all are totally non-toxic wax. They are all reusable manipulative for home, classroom, special needs and more

We can proudly say that they are made in the USA.

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4, Zombie Totes – 12 per pack

Make a huge hit for your premiere party!

These are “zombie totes” bags used as goodie bags. Imagine those bags are used for Walking Dead season party, they will help you a lot in fulfilling the game.

If you wonder this is just small totes, you are wrong. This is small but can actually fit a lot. You can put candy, pretzels, and tissues… in each of that bag. They are also made of sturdy fabric and will last for a long time.

Tips: Highly recommended for a zombie themed party!

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5, Child’s Halloween Magician Role Play Dress up Costume Set

Finding a unique but not scary costume for the costume party? Come to this set.

This is a magician role play set. Play the role of a magician and do actions such as waving the magic wand and keeping the magic. A magical illusion appears with this magical magician dress up set. Now you can flabbergast party guests with yours!

This set of magician costume includes 1 black machine washable polyester cape, 1 black felt top hat, 1 pair of white gloves and a 12-inch magic wand.

Tips: Best fit for most children between the ages of 3-6. Not only for Halloween but also Birthday Theme.

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6, Halloween Music Collection

All holiday theme needs music collection. Our previous articles about St Patrick’s Day and Thanksgiving Day gift ideas have offered music collections. And now her offer one music collection for Halloween too!

This is creepy but not so scary. Use those pieces for Trick or Treat game opening theme. When kids are coming to your house (especially the little ones), greet them with this music and surprise them.

The digital version in your Prime Music account will come with no additional charge – a nice bonus.

Tips: For more information about songs, go to the website. Total length is 1:00:43.

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7, Creepy Spooky Cloth Decoration (Pack of 3)

A scary decoration for your costume dresses up party! What is more even drape?

This is a cotton cloth for areas needing a spooky touch. Yass! They are ideal for decorating a scary haunted house for spooky webbing. And the next step, the spooky mood will create the best scary atmosphere for scenes and gory photos!

You can decorate these things in your party: doorways halls, shower curtains, porches, decks….

Each cloth: 4yd. x 30″ a total; of 12 yds. x 90″

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8, “Zombie Rising Up” Wine Bottle Holder

Every party needs wine, and wine bottle needs holders. But Halloween party needs specific scary holders.

This is a “zombie rising up from the grave” wine bottle holder. An eerie sight indeed! This “From the Grave Sculpture” shows up the image of a frightful zombie rising up from his grave, but surprisingly, just to deliver a bottle. This bottle is even of your finest vintage!

This holder is handcrafted polyresin. A real work of art!

Dimensions information: go to the website.

Tips: Wine bottle is not included.

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9, Kangaroo’s “Do You Want to Build a Jack O’ Lantern”, (3-Pack)

A perfect gift on Halloween day for your kids, they will love these toys at first sight!

This is a “mold foam putty into a jack o’ lantern” stocking stuffers for kids. These smiley pumpkins give a both cute and scary feel to your kids to set and harden.

There are orange putty, 2 arms, 2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 stem & 1 mouth; make 3 different looking jack o’ lanterns in this 8 pc jack o lantern set.

Tips: Not for baby toys or toys for toddlers

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10, Zombie Hat

Have you thought of any hat for this cold Halloween day? The weather in Halloween day is usually so cold, so choosing suitable hat for the party mood is needed. Here we have this Zombie hat!

This handmade hat uses crochet and embroidery design featuring a grossly hanging eyeball, a mouth full of gnarly chompers. It is made soft acrylic yarns to keep your head warm.

Who doesn’t love a gross but still adorable zombie! It is a good idea to celebrate a party in the “Plants and Zombie” game theme. And when you wear this hat, it will both keep you warm and help you play the role of a zombie at the same time!

If your loved one is a zombie fan, well, we have offered the right things!! A really fun winter topper for Halloween!

Tips: Hand washes only, lay flat to dry.

Wait a second, you get sick of monster hat? Then welcome to our world of hat. Now, you can freely chose the one that make you stand out the most. Whether you want to be a cool man or a cowboy, they all have your style.

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Surprise your friends with those great gifts for Halloween Day! Enjoy your best Halloween time! We look forward to your sharing thought about our offered ideas. We are always to listen to your sharing. After reading the article, you can leave a comment below in the comment section if you want more information about something.

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