10 best teacher gift ideas 2017

Is the Teacher’s Day coming? It’s not hard to give your teacher a gift but it is truly hard to find a suitable one for them. But don’t worry, after many research, we have summarized 10 best teacher gifts for you.

Indeed, you shouldn’t wait until Teacher’s Day to express your respect to your mentor. Any day could be a celebration day for that person, a thank you gift for teacher can be send anytime.

1. T-shirt

It is kind of easy to find a thoughtful, cool or event funny T-shirt for your teacher. There are plenty of T-shirts that print nice quote, such as “Luckiest teacher on Earth”, “Teacher of all things”,…. Those shirts can be worn in class event or extracurricular activities.

2. Coffee Mug 

Everyone have a habit of start their day with a cup of coffee or tea. And your teacher may not be an exception. Actually, a cool coffee mug with printed nice sentences can bright up a rainy day. Not like printed T-shirt which just can be wear in some occasion, this cup can be use every day and in any situations if he/she want. How about use it as a flower vase?


3. Tote Bag

Teachers have many things to bring along with them. A big and high quality tote bag is a perfect teacher’ gift idea. And this bag is more than awesome when you can customize the name or words on it.

You can ask the supplier embroidered whatever words you want to make it special for your teacher. It is a great idea for a personalized teacher gift. Sound pretty cool? Let take a try.

4. Bath Bomb

There are nothing happier than the time that you come home from a long day and relax in a tub with the smell of nature. Your senses will be given a huge treat. This bath bombs gift set comes with six essential oil blends, from lemon, lavender to vanilla. It will go all beyond your expectation. We sure it will become a great Christmas gift for teacher.

5. Pop up card

This is a very appreciate gift for teacher. Of course you can make the card yourself, but there are lovely and nice pop-up card out there, which will surely give your teacher a “wow”. The cards are made by hand with sophisticated patterns. Event you can send it as end of year teacher gift which will enclose with other teacher gift.

6. Notebook

A notebook to note down things to remember is necessary for anyone. But a book for your special should be different and unique, right? That why we recommend you this one. This is a great writing experience. The cover is not only impressive but sturdy and flexible. And the best thing is that it includes a bamboo pens! When nice couple come into stage, your emotion will be boost into the sky. Let wish your teacher a happy writing time! Happy teacher week gift.

7. Pen

Talk about pens, we have so many choices and options. But for a teacher, especially when you need a pen as a gift, there are just a few names on the market.

Parker pen sound familiar to almost every one of us. The quality is recognized worldwide, but the thing you should pay attention is the design. This pen is designed in gun-metal, which give it a luxury look. It’s a good idea for teacher retirement gift.

8. Amazon Gift card

When you run out of idea or afraid that the gift you bought for them will be useless, then it’s time to take gift card into consideration. There are many option of gift card for you, so don’t worry about the budget.

You can buy a Subway or Starbuck gift card for about $25, or a $100 Sephora gift card. But we think an Amazon gift card is kind of cool, it ranges from $1 to $2000. Worry free!

9. Socks and fingerless gloves

A pair of Fur Hand Wrist Warmer Fingerless Gloves is not a bad idea for your special teacher if you want to surprise her. It’s a small gift but still express how much you love and respect her.

There are many color for the gloves but we recommend the dark and black one. Made from high quality material, the gloves are made from Faux Rabbit Fur and Imitation Leather.

10. Beer

We are serious. A couple of beer bottles may boost your teacher mood in a second. But hold on, here we give you the new taste beer from Harry Poster – Butter Beer. I bet even yourself want to try it. Why don’t you refresh your teacher weekend by this beer pack? Happy Teacher’s Day.

All the above are unique yet easy to get gift, we hope you can choose one for your teacher. But remember that, nothing is more appreciate than your study attitude. Do your best in class, get good mark, join club and extracurricular activities are the best gift for teacher ever.

Time to click on the link and enjoy 10 best teacher gifts.

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