Best Surprise Gift Ideas For Best Friend

I love giving surprises to my best friends whether it’s their birthday or any other. Well there’s no particular reason for that. Maybe it is just because best friend is one of the most important people in our life. So it is understanding that you should get them a gift that commemorates their one of their special days. Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift or any kind of gift, our Best surprise ideas for best friend is packed with creative gift ideas for your bestie.

1. Muscle Man Body Arm Plush Cotton Pillow 58cm×48cm

Your bestie is still single and on her way looking for some hot guys? Don’t let her be alone at night. A good friend will give her this nice Muscle Man Body Arm pillow which will help her sleep whilst enjoying the comfort of having an arm wrapped over. Don’t forget to write some wishes in your giftbox that soon she will find a real guy to replace that pillow.

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2. Grow a Boyfriend Novelty Item

What if your bestie is tired of being in a relationship with a childish boyfriend who just falls asleep or plays video games all the time? We have another option – a boyfriend for her that does not sleep or play too many games: The Grow a Boyfriend Novelty Item. He is a perfect companion who can grow by just feeding him water. Don’t let his size fool you. He can grow up to 6 times to his original size in approximately 72 hours and will come back to his original size when you remove all water. A portable boyfriend that is not annoying! Just perfect for her special days.

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3. Guzzle Buddy It Turns Your Bottle of Wine Into Your Wine Glass

Let’s talk about party! This is my most favorite part ah ha. I know everybody has one of their best friends like this: the one who is party addicted, who cannot and will not stop drinking in a Friday night (or for every day in a week). Believe me. There’s no more meaningful than this gift for him or her: the Guzzle Buddy glass, which will turn a bottle into a giant glass with huge amount of wine. Drinking freely while still being classy and elegant. That’s truly a dream coming true.

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4. Princess International 6-1 Universal Plush Pillow Remote – PI-1300

This does happen to me and my besties so many times, and I believe you guys must have the same experience. That is when you are getting comfy in your sofa and watching your favorite show. As it ends, all you guys are too lazy to come get the remote and change to another channel, so you keep watching the next boring program which is for nannies and grandmas. Forget that problem with this new gift for your friend (and for you too, if you watch show at their house!): the Princess International 6-1 Universal Plush Pillow Remote – PI-1300, which acts as both a pillow which will help you both stay comfy and control your TV.

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5. New! Funny Coin Drop Bank!

Saving is important (we all know that) but it cannot be done without motivation. Besides, we all want our best friends to have some savings for their rainy days. So let’s help encourage your bestie with a special coin drop bank in the…ass shape. What is special about this mini bank? Well just put a coin in, and you’ll see that it is able to not only store your money, but also illustrate the…fart sound every time a coin goes through. It’s going to be so loud and disgusting that you will buy it immediately for your besties.

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6. Tactical Chef BBQ Apron – Digital Urban Camo

Are you the one who often pray that you will be alive after testing your bestie’s food? Or are you the second type who cares more about their survival in the kitchen, that your friend does not accidently burn herself or get electrolyzed? If you are the second type, come to my team. We are truly good friends, so we will equip our besties with the best tactical BBQ apron that not only looks cool, but also be our pray for their survival in the kitchen (haha).

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7. Generic Thermo Lens Mug, 16oz

What a generous friend! You give your bestie an expensive lens! He or she must be really touched. But wait a second! It does not look very real. Is it a real lens or just a mug in shape of a lens? Haha your bestie must be so mad at you when realizing it is just a mug in shape of a lens, but it looks cool and is a nice decorative thing anyway.

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8. PajamaGram Women’s Hoodie-Footie Fleece Onesie Pajamas

My best friend is a fashion lover, so it is always a headache for me every year to find a perfect fashion gift for her. This year I found this funny yet perfect gift that I got to share with all of you. It’s the Hoodie-Footie Fleece Onesie Pajamas, which combines a hoodie, a blanket and a slipper into one thing. There are different patterns that you can choose, but I recommend the leopard for the best surprise on her birthday.

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9. CZL Emoji Funny Smile Pillow And Blanket Super Soft And Lovely Good Gift For Others

A pillow fight with besties will not be completed without these emoji funny smile pillows and blankets. They are soft, of bright colors and ridiculous. There are four types of emojis, so just pick one that matches your friend the best. There’s no doubt such cute thing will melt their hearts (and mine as well).

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10. Name a star and buy a star

Okay this final impressive gift must be for group work, just in case it is over your budget. Do you know that you can buy a star for your bestie. Just by visiting the site, find a star and then the next thing your friend know is that his or her name will be given to a star that he or she might not know where it is, but well it sounds cool to have a star that is named after you right?

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Go through those best surprise gift for best friends and we are confident that you can find something your friend will be either happy or mad at you. These gifts are cost saving, except the last one – maybe you’ll need group effort for that. So what are you waiting for? Go grab something for your best friend!

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