Best Housewarming Gift Ideas 2017

A fresh start and a new experience! Moving to a new house, means a lovely family house that you can call home. Now the roof above your head protects you from the elements and the cozy walls wrap your family in warmth, it is called home.

However, everyone understands that carrying those belongings up through several flights of stairs is actually a fight. It is hardly easy, as always.

Then, a house-warming is celebrated as a reward for all the hard work they have been through. This is when they introduce their new lovely home to friends and greet to new neighbors.

Therefore, make sure you reward their successful relocation with a thoughtful housewarming gift! Through this below article, we may help you choose the best suitable gift for your friend. Hope choosing housewarming gifts is no longer tough.

1, Personalized Address Sign

The first important thing that a new home should have is a personalized address sign.

This address sign brings a vintage feel to your new home. The color is Beige, you can personalize it with your own created design.

The prints are all handmade and even each print is crafted in the home studio. The quality of inks is made sure to be in highest quality as it is prevented from fraying to prolong the life of the print thanks to all natural fabric.

The burlap and cotton material makes the sign luxury and hard to fade out.

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2, Bottle Opener

If your friend is a wine or beer lover, this opener is just perfect for him/her.

What makes this bottle opener stand out is its multifunction and convenient feature. Using only the finest quality with metal and plastic, it can double duty as both a beer or wine opener. The wing corkscrews are rust-proof, no staining.

It is substantial when held in your hand and gives out an elegant feel on your table. You just have to pressing down to free the cork from the bottle and then a coated screw glides through the cork. Don’t worry, there is a stopper preventing the screw from breaking the cork.

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3, Housewarming Gift Basket

It can express your sincerity by gifting them this basket as it is a basic need.

This basket consists of a unique printable home blessing poem, a loaf of bread, salt, and a bottle of wine.

The design of the printable home blessing poem is in teal, red, and dark brown colors. As the fabric feature is lighter, softer to touch than burlap and has a very fine weave. You can make your own best wishes for the host by printing from your home computer on the light tan cross stitch fabric at a size of 8×10″. Then, just frame it up.

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4, Jar Box Protector for Canning 12-pint jars

If one hasn’t had an idea on how to store jars neatly, this gearbox is a great idea.

This gearbox consists of two shells nested together adding about one inch in height.

Now no longer breakable jars. All the jars are loaded in the compartments and no buckling. The box is sturdy enough to take it full of jars. The box is easily storable and transportable as well.

Tips: The short sides are for touching. The long sides are for facing front and back.

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5, Personalized cutting board

It has been almost a tradition to gift a personalized cutting board for a housewarming gift.

This beautifully vintage cutting board marks the new phase of your life in your new home. We can make sure this personalized cutting board can be treasured for many years to come. You can engrave your name tag such as your husband/wife on it. Then add your own love sign on the cutting board.

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6, Air Plant Aerium Kit

This Air Plant Aerium Kit is a perfect gift for garden lovers in their new home.

This terrarium comes with air plants in a vessel. These are Tillandsia or air plants. Have you ever heard Tillandsia? They are small aerophyte plants that do not need soil to grow. They can absorb moisture from the air and indirect light for sustenance.

Are you wondering how to decorate? You can add the stones and sea cookie and hang in your place of choice.

The kit consisted of 1 glass globe with a hook, flat bottom, and cord for hanging. Other information about hanging places, you should check the website.

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7, Beach Print

Have you considered what to buy for decoration? Gifting a picturesque print will be the suitable idea.

This is a print featuring one particular ocean wave with the main color tone is purple-pink and blue. The color tone brings two feeling at the same time, one for peacefully happy life, and one for a fresh feeling of the ocean wave.

A truly beautiful print of picturesque sight to hang in your new home!

Tips: There won’t be a frame with the print.

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8, Slipper Socks

Have you considered what to wear in your new home? We suggest this cute pair of Slipper Socks for you.

The random pattern on the socks makes it so cute on your feet. There are many options, you can choose bird pattern if you are a bird lover, dog pattern if you are a dog lover, wine pattern if you are a wine lover…

The soft and moisture-resistant fabric is specially made soft for hard floors and skid-resistant.

Tips: Only women sizes are available. There are for size: small, medium, large and very large.

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9, Fairy Garden Live Succulent Plant Hen & Chicks

Bring your own miniature garden inside your new home with this amazing little living decorations Hen & Chicks succulent plant.

Place these tiny glasses with 3 tiny light-catching glass orb decorations on your window, it is called perfection. This faery garden decoration is adorable accent piece for your window sill or outdoors in your garden.

These plants come from North Carolina and thrive in Carolina red clay, sandy potting soil, or any organic planting medium. As a result, they are drought resistant and hard freeze resistant.

One amazing thing, despite requiring very little care, they multiply like crazy when they are happy.

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10, Misto Brushed Aluminum

Last but not least, this olive oil Olive Oil Sprayer is what we want to introduce you. Gift this to your friend is the best way to express your caring about him/her.

You may have known that this Misto is the #1 selling oil mister brand in the U.S!

This BPA-free oil spray and mister bottle give you the convenience and health benefit. As it is reusable, this non-aerosol sprayer is certainly more economical and environmental. Now, there is no more throwing cans away.

There are oils, vinegar, lemon and lime juice, sherry, or marsala wine, we bet that your favorite option is in there. What is more suitable for salads, bread, or cooking?

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Someone said that: “Every brick and piece of plywood in your new home represents the struggle and hard work it took to become a homeowner. Congratulations, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.”

If you choose to buy one from our collection, leave a comment about your experiences. Or you just simply want to ask us about something, comment below too, we promise to reply to you as soon as possible and solve all your wonder.

Enjoy housewarming gifts and happy with your new house!

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