10 best gifts for soccer/football player and fan

Playing with a ball is a popular sport of every boy around the world. I bet you are used to be one of them. Today, not only boys but also girls love this kind of sport or become a crazy fan of it.

As soccer is the king of sports, it is not surprise if your friends go crazy with it. So, it would be a perfect idea to buy for them some gifts, which relate to soccer or football.

And here you go; we have done it for you. Our 10 best gifts for soccer/football player and fan will “wow” your friend immediately.

1. Foosball table

Buy it now The first idea gift for soccer player is of course a foosball table, which you can play anytime with your friends. I used to play it when I was a kid and until now, I still feel exciting to play it with friends. We are never too old for football.

This foosball table received many good feedbacks from buyers. With the dimensions of L40” x W20” x H8”, it is small enough to put in your room and enjoy the game with friends. This foosball table is also suitable to be a gift for kids, since with its small size, it can be placed at everywhere, be it a dining table or outdoor playground. Such a wonderful soccer gift for kids!


2. Football socks

Buy it now Nobody plays football without wearing socks, unless they play with barefoot. We are sure about that. And no one can deny that a pair of comfortable socks will make them play better.

And we are happy to bring to you a perfect soccer socks. Those socks are made from 77% Polypropylene and 17% Nylon which help them elastic freely. What’s more, the material is infused Alphasan Antimicrobials, which help to control bacterial and odor effectively.

3. T-shirt

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A T-shirt for a soccer/football fan is not a bad gift idea. Today, you can freely choose many funny T-shirt as a gift for your friends. There are many cool quotes about soccer or famous football players. It is so far from the day that you buy a T-shirt with a famous name and their number on it.

Don’t waste time to look around, we bring all of them right here for you. All of them come with high quality material and printing. And the most fascinating thing is the price, they all have reasonable price. So, it is easy to buy as a Christmas soccer gift for him.

“I know I play like a girl”, and how about you?

4. Book

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Don’t underestimate your soccer fan, they are not only love sport but they may love to read books that relate to their love zone. And what is more meaningful than give them a book about a football legend?

If your friend loves soccer than he will recognize who is Alex Ferguson – a big boss and big father of many MU football player generation. He is the winningest soccer coach ever. Nobody can deny his talent as well as his influence to The Red Devils.

Have you ever wonder what he had done and faced during his 27 years at the club?

Read it!

5. Fifa 17 – Xboxs one

Buy it now What are you waiting for? Let grab one and give your boy as a gift for his good behaviors. And if you are “father-of-the-year”, you can play it with him. There is no problem to do that at all.

It is no need to talk so much about this video game. Not because it was so famous but it is cuz we don’t wanna spoil you. The graphic is wonderful and you will be hooked immediately.

A good soccer gift for boys, if you are looking for it!


6. Water bottle

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Our body is content of 70% of water, so don’t forget to refill it after a hard playing day. Your boys may skip drinking water if they find it is inconvenient to drink. Don’t make it happen. You can just give him a water bottle and the problem is solved.

There are many kind of water bottle in the market, from the disposable plastic to aluminum one. And the cool things are they come out with many size, type and color. You can also personalize that bottle with your text on it.

Now, use your imaginary to create a cool personalized soccer gifts for your boys, girls or friends.

7. iPhone cases

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Everybody has a phone and everyone want to protect it carefully. For a love-sport person, especially soccer player, a phone case should be a must not a need.

And you know what, we read your mind and here you go. There are plenty of choices for you out there. You can choose a transparent hard plastic or a leather phone case, which is printed funny picture about football.

Those phone get high rate from users, so you don’t have to worry about its durability or quality.

What’s more, all the phone cases are offered with very reasonable prices. Be your friend is boy or girl, you can always choose one as a soccer gift for him or her.

If you want to buy phone case for other sports, maybe you can those articles are useful: 10 Best gifts for basketball player and fan or 10 best gifts for tennis players

8. Soccer/football shoes

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Every sport player needs a good pair of shoes. So we think it would be a perfect idea if you find for your beloved one a comfortable and suitable pair of sport shoes.

There are plenty of brands, design and price in the market. But of course, the quality comes with price. Adidas, Nike or Puma offers a wide range of choice for customer. And if you buy shoes for your son, it is not a hard task anymore. The suppliers give you a very detail description and color. All you have to do is to choose a suitable one for him.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to find your gifts.

9. Soccer Ball

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Like shoes, balls are the must have items every football game. A good ball can make a game more exciting and wonderful.

There are many kind of ball in the market, but with today technology, you are given an ultra-durable ball, which is no need to pump and never goes flat. And we recommend a ball that can be played on turf or grass.

Last but not least, you should pay attention to the ball size before buying. There are 5 ball sizes, which are suitable for each age.

10. Soccer jewelry

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If your girlfriend falls in love too much with soccer/football, there is nothing make she happier than give her jewelry, which has soccer icons. There are bracelet, necklace or earrings, which has ball design.

This is a great Christmas soccer gift for her or your girl football team.

Let buy for her shining earrings and stylish bracelet to make her day brighter.

All jewelry comes with very good price. So, you can easily order for her a full set of soccer jewelry.

We hope the above idea will help you make your choice easier. Don’t hesitate to let know which one suitable with your decision. Those 10 best gifts for soccer/football player and fan can amaze your beloved one, surely. Check them out!

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