Best Gifts For Runners In 2017

Running is always one of the best healthy outdoor activities. When heading out for a run, we often reach for a few items almost every time. Not only you, I believe that there are so many other people around you such as your families, friends… who also love running too.

However, I understand it is such as a headache to think about what gifts are really useful for your loved ones. Easter, Christmas… is approaching, or even one particular birthday, special anniversary… and you are now hesitating what to get them?

Do you want to be more targeted, to get what they really want? Perhaps you are keeping moaning about hints wishing they had a fitness tracker? These gifts will be what you are looking for. We have tested out and chosen up one of the best gifts for runners and rounded them up into this article. This list of Best Gifts For Runners may help you make up your mind quickly. We believe spending sometimes consider this list is going to be a good thing.

1, Running Socks

Runners need good shoes, and good shoes come along with good socks. Suitable socks will make running become much easier.

These socks are made of 80% Acrylic which features in the ultra-spun polyester moisture absorption technology. The rest of woven makes it warm in the cold water and cool in hot weathers.

They are made by a USA family owned and operated business. But they are still designed and sold by going for a run. Therefore, I can proudly confirm the integrity and quality of these products.

Your feet now are contoured in the arch compression pads.

These socks are gifts for runners women. This is woven low cut style.

Tips: Machine washable.

For more type of socks, you may love this post. 

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2, Running Belt: Pack for iPhone 6, 7 Plus

Now running with your hands-free but still be able to keep your precious smartphone, necessities safe and comfortable!

A perfect Running Belt for iPhone 6, 7 Plus Pouch which helps you concentrates on your running and no more reasons for missing runs. There are. TWO EXPENDABLE POCKETS which means allowing you to change the music and check your running app on your phone. Don’t worry, it is large enough for any kinds of stuff: phone, cards, snacks even key and they won’t fall out.

The neoprene material prevents bouncing and save your smart phone from scratches. This is made of special-shaped waterproof zipper!

It keeps you safer at night as the 3 REFLECTIVE DARTS will make it safer at nights or mornings.

The adjustable length from 29.5 to 42.5″.

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3, Knee Compression Sleeve Support

A must-have accessory for professional runners. This is for your loved ones who are marathon athletic runners. However, those normal runners can use this too.

This is a Compression Sleeve Support. Its benefits are to reduce inflammation, soreness, stiffness. These are all bad effects which prevent heating for muscular recovery.

In recovery or preventing injuries occurring, not only runners but arthritis, tendonitis… also, should have at least two for their knee protection.

This is suitable for all sports: basketball, soccer, golf, cycling, volleyball, skiing… and anti-slip silicone gym time, yoga.

Tips: Considering choose your best suitable size.

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4, Foot Massager Lacrosse Balls for Your Feet

After running, a careful treatment for your feet is essential. For your loved ones who have the high constancy of running, give this to them to show your sincere care about their health.

This is a massage tool for foot pain relief. The way to use this is simple and easy.

The pressure can break up fascia, loosen tight knots. This helps increase circulation and muscle. There are spikes for acupressure points to a specific area. Don’t worry, you can control the level of pressure.

For Sensory Integration Therapy with children, the spiky and smooth balls are very helpful.

For ones who have diabetics problems, the roller balls can boost circulation in circulation in hands and feet.

There is a reflexology tool.

Tips: The package includes the user guide to safely use to get most optimal results.

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5, Higo LED Slap Armband

An essential accessory, it protects us from potential dangers when do morning walking, night time run or dog walking.

This is a LED Slap Armband made of famous Higo brand. It is a light for running with glow bracelets. There are many colors box package available. Though there is just only one size, it suits for all.

Enjoyed a lot not only by adults but also kids, just slap this LED armband on your wrists or ankles, even luggage case poles, dog collar… is possible.

Press the Power Button then the steady burning light–blinking–off. The gives you 360-degree ultra high visibility, not only in dusk and night time activities. Now, negligent and distracted motorists is no more a worry!

The lithium coin batteries are at 1 x CR2032 or 2x CR2016 3V. Up to 50-70 hours using and after using up, it is replaceable.

Tips: This enclosed with spare batteries in the color card package.

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6, Shoelace Tag

Yes, running need good shoes, shoes need good shoelace, shoelace needs this.

This is a Shoelace Tag – a necessary running accessory for any level of runners.

Everone loves donuts! A definitely trendy one! It has the line: “Will run for Donuts (an image of a donut, not a word)”

This shoelace tag is totally handmade which is pewter. It has a hole on each side, the size is just perfect for shoe laces.

Now, just simply string it on your laces! You’re done! So fashionable, this attracts attention which makes people have to look at your shoes first when they see you.

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7, Hands-Free Hydration Armband System

While running it is hard to drink using your hands as it will shake the water a lot. No more sloshing bottles, this innovative product coming out is to tackle that issue.

This is a Hydration Armband System. As its name sounds, this allows a runner to drink just without having to use your hands by moving your arm up toward your mouth.

A new revolutionary feature: the Anti-slosh bladder made from BPA and even PVC free. Even in hot days, your water will be always kept cool thanks to the Therma-cool Insulator.

The compression elimination will hydrate without breaking your stride.

On either arm, the Angled bite valve can be adjusted every time up to .5 oz of fluid which is as much as a small water bottle.

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8, Men’s Running Motivation T Shirt

Men need a motivation always beside himself when running, and this can do that job best!

This is a T-Shirt with a funny line: “RUNNING: Sometimes We all need a little motivation”. By the image of dinosaurs chasing a guy and he runs like a light lamp per for his life, you will have the best feel of motivation. Best for birthday or graduation anniversary.

This T-shirt is made of highest grade plastisol ink and 100% ultra soft ringspun cotton. As a result, it has vibrant colors and lasting durability – a special feature that Exclusive Crazy Dog T-shirt brand always has. The state of art shipment is to get that comfortable fit and feel.


  • There are 3XL 4XL and 5XL for most designs. This size is for men only.
  • Machine washable but in cold water and hand dry only.
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9, KINETIC Cooling Towel

Oops, it is such a pity to disturb your mood when running because of annoying perspiration! I think this is what makes for satisfying you in that field.

This is a Cooling Towel. Not only those with perspiration problems, it can be so wet for your body and outfit when running in hot days. The cooling feature of this towel will wick all the wet feeling on your body and renew you in the run. The instant effect will lower fatigue, dizziness, and dehydration!

This towel is made of super absorbent material. Thanks to unique microfiber mesh design, it can retain water for a long time and provide cooling much better than standard towels. It is super lightweight with soft material, hence when dries it will give a comfortable feeling.

It is in 14×12 Large size.


  • In case you want to reactive, just wring out and wave, you will have the coolness to add water. Machine washable.
  • This can also be used as a scarf and a neck wrap.
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10, Frame Half Marathon

Are you wondering how to capture the wonderful moment you and your loved ones on a run? Yes, you have come to the right place.

This is a frame made especially made for Christmas gift. It will be so much more precious when having your moment in a marathon run competition! A so good way to recall your memory!

This frame is professionally printed and mounted with the outer square dimensions of 8×8. The photo opening is 3.5×3.5″. The deep brown color gives the edges a unique vintage feel.

Tips: This frame should come with a high-quality plexiglass and stand.

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It is our pleasure if this collection of Best Gifts For Runners has given some useful suggestions to you. It will be so great you can choose one perfect gift for your beloved runners. In case you want more information or review after buying the products, you can leave comments below.

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