11 best gifts for nurse review 2017

Some people think that nurse is kind of serious person, so it is hard to surprise them by gift. But maybe you are wrong. There are many items that very helpful and useful for nurse, and of course you can “wow” them with these suggestions. We bring to you the best gifts for nurse here.

1. Books for nurse

Talk about medical books, you may find that there are a sea of books. To get one book that helpful for your friend career maybe a painful job. But hold on and don’t get panic.

You shouldn’t buy specialist medical books, cause they can be borrowed from library and just need to read a few time. Otherwise, a handbook or a tips book is very useful.

“First Year Nurse” wrote about advice, tips from nurse. And the perfect thing is it talked about all the aspect of the field. This is a very cool nurse graduation gift.

2. Watch for nurse

On time performance is very important in medical field. Nowadays, people are easily watch the time on their phone. But in many cases, pick out the phone to see time is not a good idea or convenience, especially for some job like nurse.

And a watch come into place. It doesn’t need to be a luxury or sophisticated watch, a simple yet durable watch is good for them.

Think about thank you gifts for nurses? This one is not a bad idea.

3. Bag

There is not thing better than a bag that you can put “all-in-one”. For a nurse, this bag is more than welcome. He/she can put their kit in without any problem.

For the price, this bag is made with excellent quality. It has many rooms with nice padding. Finally, it is easy to hold with handles or shoulder-strap option. Isn’t it a good nurse gift idea?

4. Medical kit

A small medical kit for nurse is also a good choice when it comes to gifts for nursing student idea.

Some time nursing students just need a pocket that can hold many of their stuff without causing any dirty or wear to their clothes. This pocket pal is a great product for them. The kit fits nicely into scrub pockets and the material is very good. They will love it, truly.

5. Phone Cases

It sounds funny, right? You may feel it not relevant to nurse but it’s time to think again. Every one of us has cellphone, and many of them are smartphone, which cool to use but easy to be damaged, right? So why don’t you give her a case to protect her phone?

A case that is specially made for nurse is event a perfect choice. There are many options for you out there, but here, we give you some of our picks. Some of them are art, some are funny and some are lovely but we sure they will be helpful. All are come with high quality.

Buy it now

6. Shoes for nurse

For people who have to walk and stand a lot like nurse, a comfortable pair of shoes is a savior. A pair of flat or low-heel shoes will be your first choice.

If your friend work 12 hours shift then this Cherokee is quite suitable. They are made from leather and very lightweight. And thank to Slip-resistant DBL outsole, you don’t have to worry about the slippery problem.

7. Socks for nurse

Talk about shoes, so we cannot ignore the socks. Even if you have a good quality shoes but the socks is such, you cannot feel comfortable.

And this problem is solve. Come with excellent quality, those socks are designed to last. No calf pain, no ankle swelling. They are totally supportive and comfortable.

Your friend may want to buy it again after trying those socks.

8. Coffee mug

Stay awake. Drink enough water. What will make your friend work effectively? A cup of water or sometime a cup of coffee? Whatever they want, the first thing they need is a cup.

Actually a nice cup will push your mood in some case. A dishwasher safe and microwave safe cup will be a best nurse week gift. Let start your shift with a lovely thing like that and you will do your best all day.

9. Nurse jewelry

If your nursing friend is so obsessed with her job, why don’t you give her jewelry as Christmas gifts for nurses?

It is not hard to find for her a beautiful necklace or bracelet, there are plenty of choice here. From simple yet elegant heartbeat necklace to charming and stylist bracelet, we got your back.

Buy it now

10. Pen for nurse

To nursing student, what is use more frequently than a book? It’s pen.

Is a pack of 60 syringe pen sounds great to you? And it is greater when you know its price. This pack has an OK quality with unique design. It comes with many color but all pen are blue ink.

Let refresh your day with those cool pen.

11. T-shirt for nurse

Get boring of the above normal gifts? Don’t worry, we save the best for last.

Give your friend a T-shirt with funny quote on it. It sounds really nice and cool. Some things like “SuperNurse” or “I’m his nurse” will make your friend break into laugh.

Have fun!



Have you made your choice? We are sure that your friend won’t be disappointed with those 11 best gifts for nurse idea. And the best part is that the quality is quite good compare with price. So what make you hesitate? Let surprise your beloved one with those suggestion.

Wish you have a happy time.

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