Best gifts for hockey player and lovers 2017

No one can deny the hot and attractive of hockey, especially high school students. If your kids love hockey and you want to give them some gifts for their good performance, then you are in the right place.

We are hockey’s lovers and we know what hockey players or fan need. Trust us, it is not expensive things that they really want, but just a small and cool gift, which can make their day.

In Best gifts for hockey player and lovers article, we are happy to bring to you our best picks gift for hockey.

1. Hockey Jewelry

If you happen to have a girlfriend who falls in love with hockey, then it is very easy to buy a gift for her. There is plenty of hockey jewelry for you to choose, from necklaces to bracelets.

You can buy her shiny thing like a necklace with hockey stick icon, which is embedded with shiny crystal. Or, if your girl has a strong character, you can give her a hockey charm bracelet, which is in black and white color and mix with silver tone metal charm.

Isn’t it cool to buy it as a hockey gift for girlfriend?

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2. Hockey Canvas Print Wall Art Room Décor

What will you say about this gift? We have just one word: Awesome! This is a perfect gift for dad, who is a big fan of hockey. Let “wow” your dad in his birthday with this amazing hockey canvas.

This is truly an art. The picture is good to every small detail and the quality of it is higher than you expect! What is cooler than this?

You can hang it in living room, bedroom or study room, every thing is just perfect. Let look at its color and design, you can see it is the combination of luxury and passion.

For the one who looking for gift for husband, this is also a best hockey gift for husband.

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3. Hockey Stick Tie Clip

This is another cool gift for hockey-lover-dad. If you just want to give him a small beautiful thing but still show him how much you care about him, then this Hockey Stick Tie Clip is a nice choice.

There are wide ranges of tie clip for you to choose, from simple and cheap one to expensive and sparkling one. But remember that the price come with quality, so don’t go so cheap.

And there is good news for you, those tie clips also come with a luxury or nice box, so you can easy use it as a hockey gift for your dad.

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4. Hockey leather wallet

Every boy needs a wallet and it will be wonderful if you can give a hockey player a hockey leather wallet.

We bring to you a trifold wallet with NHL logo on it! This trifold wallet looks very classy with good stitching.

It is also very roomy with ID window and credit cards pocket. You can put a lot of your cards, license and money bill in it.

And what’s more, you can choose your favorite team name!

Let make his day with this wonderful gift! We are sure it is a good hockey gift for boyfriend.

Not only does hockey have leather wallet, but other sports like basketball also gives you many wallet options. For more choices, you can visit this post: 10 Best gifts for basketball player and fan

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5. Hockey Socks

In a hockey game, beside the shoes, a nice pair of socks is also very important. It is not only make you feel comfortable but also protect your leg from hurting or injuring.

The most important for a good hockey sock is the material. Just remember to choose a soft yet breathable one. And you should care about the length of the socks, don’t buy one that too long or too short.

It will be a good choice to be a hockey gift for your kids.

For socks, there are plenty of choices out there, but if you are playing other sports such as soccer or running, then you can take a look at those posts. Hope you can find the most suitable one for your hobby at: 10 best gifts for soccer/football player and fan or Best Gifts For Runners In 2017

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6. Hockey bags

A bag that is big enough to put the entire hockey gadget in it will be a good idea gift for you.

An ideal bag should be made from water resistant material, such as polyester and large enough to fit all your things. You should pay attention to the zippers also. Some cheap bags have bad zipper quality, so make sure the zipper is good enough to last long with the bag.

What else’s? The handles should be long enough for you to carry it.

Now, we don’t want to waste your time anymore. Let choose a one that fit you.

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7. Hockey helmet

If your friend already has enough socks and bags, then a hockey helmet may come to the list.

What is a good helmet? First, it has to fit your head, not too tight or too large. Second, it is not too heavy, or your neck will get hurt. Third, it must be make from high quality material.

If you consider buy one for your kids or husband, then the best way is go with them to the shop and try it before paying. If you want to buy online, it is also okie, but it is highly recommend that you should read the review or customer comments before shopping online. Anyway, buy thing online is always cheaper.

For those kinds of products, don’t go cheap.

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8. Hockey skates

Hey, don’t tell that you don’t know what gift to buy for your hockey lover kids. Cuz we are sure that a stylist pair of hockey skates will make your kids surprise and happy all day.

I bet they can have dozen of socks but just a few pair of skates. It is not hard to choose skates as a gift, but you should pay attention to the size. Yes, it is a little bit hard if you buy skates online. So, remember to buy from a prestige supplier, in case you want to return their product.

Talking about skates, Bauer is a name that we recommend for you. Let take a look at their products.

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9. Hockey shirts

For big fan of hockey, a T-shirt that is printed anything about hockey is wonderful. Compare with skates or helmet, a T-shirt is easier to buy and also cheaper.

Make sure you choose a T-shirt made from cotton and high quality printed image. There are many funny quotes like “Eat. Sleep. Hockey. Repeat”, “Hockey Legends are born in March”…

There is many way to surprise your friend with a customize T-shirt, let take a look at those supplier and pick one for you.

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10. Hockey gloves

Like other hockey gadget, gloves is must have items for hockey players. That’s why you can buy it as a gift for your friend.

As gloves are worn to protect hockey players’ hands, so you should choose a durable and good quality one. But there is another remark that you should care is the size of gloves, don’t buy the ones that is so big or bulky.

This would be a cool idea as a Christmas gift for hockey kids.

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11. Hockey book

Your kid love hockey so much, but he is too lazy to read book? We have your solutions. Let give him a book about hockey.

There are many useful and meaningful books about hockey that will inspire your kid, not only in his favorite sport but also make him love reading.

Isn’t it a perfect idea gift for your hockey lover kid? Let him enjoy his hobby and encourage him to read at a same time.

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The above list of Best gifts for hockey player and lovers will be updated soon. We hope you can choose the best one for your beloved. And we love to know what is your ideal gift for hockey players. Don’t hesitate to leave your comment and share your thoughts with us.

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