10 Best Gifts For Gardeners 2017

It is undeniable that gardening is now one of the hobbies which will never get old despite the increasingly digital age nowadays. There are always lessons that gardening can teach you, whether you are young or old. With gardening, we always have work such as the process of watching seedling and enjoying the outcome! Besides, no matter how large your living space is, gardening is still possible with maybe some pots on the balcony or some vases hang on the wall…

As a result, instead of boring old gifts every time on birthday, Christmas …, why don’t you have a consider about gardening gifts? Chances are that if your loved ones are gardeners, spoiling them with something they really love for the gardening hobby is worthy above all.

We are offering ten best gifts for gardeners as we know not everyone can be up to having certain space for gardening. In addition, our gifts offered are something really helpful on vegetables harvest or flower blooming… A new lease of life – gardening is in front of your eyes – gardeners!

1, Rhombus Glass Indoor Wall Planters Vase: Set of 10

A wonderful housewarming anniversary gift! Bring something new into your house by this!

Unlike other easy-breakable wall vases, this is a set of 10 glass indoors wall vase. This is an environmental way to even grow vegetables in your own house not having enough space for gardens.

The modern shape of rhombus wall planters will amaze you at how aesthetic it is. Handmade with high boron silicon glass, this vase gives a clear and light feel.

Tips: With nail applied to wall vase, you can hang this on the wall. In case you don’t have that, you can use air plant planter holders.

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2, Herb Garden Markers: Set of 9

A must have makes organizing your herb garden in a breeze and stylish shape!.

This is a set of 9 herb garden markers: Parsley, Basil, Cilantro, Rosemary, Mint, Sage, Thyme, Dill, Oregano. Now your herb pots are more cute with this in elegant and classic etched stakes. A more brightened garden thanks to this lovely plant tag.

These markers are made of birch wood, which stays with time. The print is rustic and clearly printed. Tall enough to see in pots without taking too much room for the herb to grow.


  • For indoor herb garden, smaller potted herbs, windows garden.
  • The size is 2.75″ x 4″ for each marker.
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3, Gardeners Gold Soap – Essential Oils

After gardening, water can’t completely clear up your hands. Hence, you need this.

This is a distinctive gold soap. What makes this distinguished is the essential oils component. The oil is 100% pure oil unlike artificial dyes or synthetic fragrance oils. All the other ingredients are ensured being natural from the garden. No harmful synthetic chemicals or preservatives is detected.

The smell has the light, sunny of grapefruit feel. The mingle with Carrots add a, As well as a good help for beta-carotene, a beautiful orange hue is added by mingling with carrots. Those are made of natural floral scents of geranium and lavender.

For more relaxing after a hard working day on the garden, you will love the bath bombs with natural essential oil in 10 best teacher gift ideas 2017

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4, “The plant whisperer” Mug

Enjoying your watching lovely garden in the process of flower blooming or seedling with this mug.

This is a garden mug with the line “The plant whisperer” and some beautiful embellished green leaves around it! This design is printed on front and back.

Don’t worry about the durable ability, this is made from highest grade ceramic. If falling from a low height, the mug is still unbroken.


  • Microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • There are two sizes: 11oz or 15oz size
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5, Hand Trowel Reinvented the Ergonomic Pain-Free Shovel

For those having Rheumatoid Arthritis problems! A real helpful tool for gardening works with soil!

This is the hand bigger garden trowel. To dig down and pull towards the body, this trowel is lightweight and durable glass fiber laced plastic. The comfortable rubber grip Is based on pull not push design. Ease of use is all suitable for rheumatoid arthritis.

You can do almost everything with this trowel: clearing gutters, digging, seeding, hoeing, and trimming lawn edges. In addition to those, spreading and leveling or transplanting is still possible this trowel.

Tips: You can use both with or without gardening gloves.

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6, Garden Knife with FREE Diamond Sharpening Rod

Oops, it will be a big pity if you haven’t had this for your gardening work. This one tool can do exactly anything in the garden.

This is a knife with diamond sharpening rod. Thanks to that sharpening shape, it can do those things: weed, dig, prune, transplant, measure, cut, harvest and many more extra things.

The curved high grade extra sharp stainless steel blade is what to handle for extra strength which can cut and saw. A full tang through with brass snaps tackles the issue of holding.

Will stay with time thanks to the extra-thick, genuinely bonded leather sheath.This protects your hand and a beautiful beech hardwood handle is polished smooth.

Note: A free sharpening stone is included.

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7, Leather Holster for Tool Belt Accessory.

You need this for the protective accessory tools. For grandpa and grandma, mom and dad this is the most suitable gift.

This is a heavy duty leather sheath. The design is innovatively stylish in the pruner pouch.

This can be the best helpful garden tool collection as it can fit most pruning shears and garden scissors.

Don’t worry if your accessory will fall out, the pruner pouch is securely stitched.

In addition, this holster includes a belt loop and clip. Now you can safely attach without having to use belts, pockets or bucket caddies. Combining this with utility aprons.

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8, “GROW DAMMIT” hand stamped spoon garden marker

Another garden marker! As there is a wide range of garden markers, I recommend two different vibes for you to have more choices.

This is a hand stamped spoon garden marker. Different from the above marker, this gives a funny, humorous vibe to your garden. The funny quote on the spoon said all: “Grow dammit”. Such a humorous joke wish as if you are wishing your plant to grow faster.

A vintage or antique silver plated spoon in the approximately 6.25″ x 1.5″ size.

This is hand flattened and hand stamped.

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9, Hand Tools Kit,:13 Piece Garden Tools Set

First coming to gardening, you have to consider this first! This meets all your gardening demands!

This is a perfect 13 piece garden tools set. There are 6 hand tools and garden tools bag and seeds bag. In that bag have sprayer bottle, cotton work gloves, plant labels, garden tie, gardener’s calendar. In order to keep tools separate, tidy and organize, there are outside pockets.

All the accessory is made sure to be in HIGH QUALITY. To last with time and not rusty, 6 hand tools are made of high-quality durable metal. Carefully thought about the ability of standing, a premium sponge is added to the bottom of canvas storage tote.

Other features: ergonomic handles to reducing pain and fatigue without any hassles.

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10, 25 Succulents pots

A meaningful gift for wedding day after all the gardening things you made by yourself!

These are 25 are Succulents pots which are potted with three different succulent cuttings.

Not only for wedding favors, they are also for baby shower favors or succulent lover.

Here is the design of each pot: three different succulent cutting’s with roots. One Jute ribbon wraps each pot. The materials are mainly succulent variety, cactus, mixed succulents.

Tips: These will be shipped in dry soil. You need to water at once you unpack them.

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From the practical to the beautiful, we believe having offered you best affordable for your budget. Have you had to brand new ideas for your gardens thanks to our recommendation of gifts for gardeners? If you have, we are glad to hear that! And if you want to share those ideas about the products above, leave a comment below. It is our honor to share your gardening story with you and clear up your queries.

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