Best Gifts For Dog Lovers 2017

Are you considering which gifts are best suitable for dog lovers when it comes to birthday, Christmas, Easter…? Which kinds should you choose, toys, books or even keychain? Here is our collection of Gifts for dog lovers 2017 of all types available. Taking a glance at this Collection will give you the desire to own one and worth your time. It also may be the gifts for you after reading this!

1, “It’s Not Drinking Alone if the Dog is Home” – Perfect Gift for Dog Lovers! 12.75oz Wine Glass, Made in the USA – by Salty & Sweet (1, Dog is Home)

For dog and wine lovers, this is the best combination! If you drink alone, this will give you the warm feeling as if your dog were beside you every time.

The white print on it is so easy to read even for the elder.

As this is durable, it is dishwasher safe.

No imports! This wine glass is completely made in the USA.

Don’t worry about packing this wine glass, this wine glass will be packed in a thick cardboard box with a lot of foam padding insides to hold it strong.

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2, Dog lovers magnet

Something new to remind the receiver about his/her dog? This magnet will satisfy you.

This magnet is the solid oval of vinyl material. Having no stray edges or crimped margins makes it more sturdy and strong. Therefore, you can put it everywhere from the back of your car, the sidecar of a motorbike to the fridge or working desk.

Looking at the bag will remind you of your dog and make you smile!

The receiver will feel so proud of this gift because they surely will receive tons of compliments.

Tips: when it gets dirty, wash it with water with your is possible without wearing out

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3, Funny Office Gift – Doggy Moodycards! Great Cubicle Accessories – Make Everyone Laugh with These Lovable Pets –Hilarious Dog Pictures Tells Everyone How You Feel – Fun, Amusing, Useful & Adorable

A perfect funny gift for everyone in need for humorous things in the office! This will cheer up your friend’s mood a lot when you give them these cards!

Starting your day with a smile by seeing these cards put on the calendar is so satisfying!

This moody card will make you laugh every time you look at it by pictures of dogs with the mood captured on it. You will surely be amazed by truly funny expressions of the dogs fitted with the captions.

These cards are sturdily made of the carton! Don’t worry about the damage when packing and after using!

Tips: These cards will make exchanging gifts games more interesting!

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4, Quilted Dog Bed, Medium Dog Bed, Reversible Dog Bed, Fleece Dog Bed, Dog Gift, Pet Bed, Medium Pet Bed, Overstuffed Bed, Floor Bed

Your friend’s adorable dog will go into his/her dream if you use this lovely pillow!

This pillow is completely handmade so you don’t have to worry about its quality! It is soft and moisture wicking. They are thick but breathable and odor-resistant.

The sub color-white is suited for all seasons and the primary color-gray doesn’t get dirty easily.

This gift is not only for decoration but also daily used.

Tips: Especially given on Mother’s day and Birthday is the best!

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5, Girls 5 Pack of Fashion Cartoon Dog Animals Cute Socks

Children love dogs! And they miss them every time. These little cute socks can be worn for theirs dogs too!

They are loose knit ones! The high cotton content which has 15% elastics make them not easily sliding. On sunny days, your kids usually have troubles with perspiration and these are best choices socks as they pull moisture away from skin!

These socks are offered in a diversity of bright colors, dogs prints, and patterns!

Give these socks to kids on festivals they will be thankful for you for caring about their dog love!

Tips: the socks are fit for girls only over 10 years old!

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6, Dog Mom – A True Friend Leaves Paw Prints On Your Heart Keychain Paw Print Bronze

No more key-loosing problems!

You will have the feeling like your love dogs live paw prints everywhere thanks to this 3D Raised Graphics dog paw print key chain. Made of Bronze Medallion, these key chains are so sturdy and unbreakable. They are made in Half Dollar Size.

Even the solid bronze won’t even rust or tarnish due to a total length of 2.5″.

These are also made in the USA, too!

Tips: Suggest your friends mark all their bags with all these impressive key chains!

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7, Terrier / Poodle / Yorkie / Schnoodle / Mix Breed Love – A Colorful Watercolor Style Dog Breed Print That Can Be Personalized With Name

With two size choices: 8×10 or 11×14, this picture will be the best way to show your love to your dog! No damage will happen to this picture because they are acid-free.

This is completely handmade so it is archival-quality ink. Don’t worry about the shipping damage as it is unframed, it will be packed in a heavy-duty photo mailer.

In case the dog owner had been over, you can give this to them to show your regret and cheer up the dog owner.

In addition, the primary theme is colorful with rainbow and moving occasions.

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8, Rivers Edge Hand Painted Poly Resin Black Lab Wine Bottle Holder

This is not just decoration; this is the holder for decoration!

The shape of this holder for wine is formed in a cute little dog. But the color black of this dog makes it look more luxury and standing out.

This holder is also for wine lovers who drink alone. You miss your dog and drink, what a great idea!

Not only for displaying whiskey and beer, this holder is also for other beverages.

Any character can be added on this holder up to your imagination!

Tips: Be careful when packing it into gifts!

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9, Dog Lover: Adult Coloring Book: Best Coloring Gifts for Mom, Dad, Friend, Women, Men, and Adults Everywhere: Beautiful Dogs Stress Relieving Patterns

Nothing impresses people more than a book, and if this book is gifts for dog lovers, it is called perfection.

The dog design outside is fun and playful, children will definitely love it.

The outside cover is durable, the inside is decorated with colorful pictures and the page quality is well done.

A bunch of different dog breeds which are worthy of your colored pencil collection!

When giving this book to your friends, you can ask them later tell you about it, and two of you are even more connected!

Tips: However, recommend your friend using a safety sheet underneath in case you’re going to be using markers. Or, using pencils and the sheets are excellent for that.

This gifts for adults or kids are all suitable.

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10, Gift for Mom Dog gifts Eco-friendly Toy Dog lover funny dog puppy toy vintage Unusual toy child toy stuffed toy vintage child room décor

A too adorable dog toy to play every day!

This cute little thingy should be in everyone’s bed decoration. The idea of this dog toy is from the 1980s. Therefore, it looks vintage and luxury!

It hardly gets dirty as the primary color is brown and secondary color is Orange but looks colorful at the same time. The soft material made of flocking rubber makes you so comfortable when kiss or hug it.

Although it is from Ukraine, the quality is ensured!

Tips: Christmas is the best occasion!

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Thank you for having spent some of your precious time reading this collection of Gifts for dog lovers 2017. On occasions when you want to give gifts to dog lovers, one of these above will satisfy you. These listed products are made sure to have the described qualities. If there comes to any question about the products, please give your comment below as we will be always ready to answer.

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