10 best gifts for Engineer 2017

If your friend or beloved one is an engineer, so this article is for you. For a technical brain, brain-hack gifts maybe a good choice but a funny gift also a smart one. We are here to “wow” your engineer friend with our cool choice of gifts for engineer. Buy gift is not a hard job anymore.

Our 10 best gifts for engineer are choose from a wide range of items that can match with most of engineer style.

1. Espresso Maker

Is your friend a coffee lover? So, buy him/her this Espresso Maker. He can bring this machine everywhere and make espresso himself. Sound great?

Hold on, because the best part is not only that. This maker is small enough to fit in any bag and very easy to use and clean. And ta-daa, you get an instant espresso whenever you want.
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2. Funny gift

It is a funny engineering toys gift for girl. This mold is made from pure food safe silicone, so it is totally safe for your child. You may find it a little difficult to use at the first try, but don’t worry, after two or three times, you will easy master it.

Breakfast is becoming an art right now, just with two eggs! It’s time to make charming funny-shaped eggs. Enjoy your day.
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3. Brain hacks gift for mechanical engineer

A brainteaser is a cool choice for your friend. Let take a look at this 3D Puzzle wooden brain teaser. It can be a gift for kids, teens and adult.

Don’t look at it as a toy, because it is a real safe with a 3-figure coded lock. This is a creative gift for entertainment. It’s time to play “bear-hunters” games. It is super fun to play with friends. So, what made you hesitate?

If you get tired of number and machine, then let do some gardening for relaxing. We are sure those stuff from 10 Best Gifts For Gardeners 2017 will satisfy you.
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4. Chamber – Large Cryptex Bronze

This is another coded lock item, but not for fun. This chamber is a safe place for you to store precious or secret things. Don’t worry about its structure, because you may need to have a blowtorch to break it! It is made fromSolid cast metal with vinyl lettering. Sound awesome, right?

If your friend loves DaVinci Code, then he will love this cryptex bronze chamber right away. Let surprise him!
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5. 3Doodler Create 3D Pen

Is the idea of creating things just by drawing it sound cool? Then you don’t have to wish anymore. With this bestselling 3D pen: 3Doodler Create, your friend can draw anything and make it come true.

You are offered up to 50 free strands, with safe and non-toxic formula. Now, 3D creation has never been easier. Let your emotion and creativeness go wide. Let see how your friend draw an Eiffel Tower. Happy drawing!
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6. Drink Smart Scale

For someone who wants to be a bartender at their home, this is a perfect gift for them.

Perfect Drink 2.0 Smart Scale will connect to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. All you need is to download their app and voila, everything is under control now.

The cool thing from this machine is that it can adjust the recipe to fix your drink. If you pour too much, there is no problem; Perfect Drink will automatically fix it for you.

You can choose from 400+ taste-tested recipes or create a new recipe for your friends. And the party is yours!
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7. Cryptex USB flash

You are living in the era of digital world and threat of data-hack. That is why everything needs to be encrypted, especially important data. But how about the data storage?

We have your solution. Only those, who know the password can open this 64GB USB. This USB can protect your information safely and also be a toy for your daily entertainment.
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8. Personalized pen set

Personalized gifts always bring in a high respect feeling for receiver. So, why don’t you choose for your beloved engineer friend a gift like that? Our personalized pen set for engineers will please your friend immediately.

With the name of your friend carved carefully on the box, you will give them a “wow” effect, not to mention that you can also carved the logo on it. And every pen also has their name on it.

Made from natural wood, this pen set come out with a luxury sense.

Take it as a Christmas gift for civil engineer.
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9. T-shirt

It is far from the day that you have to go to a shop or mall and buy for your friend a mass-produced T-shirt. Now, you can stay at home and order a funny T-shirt that printed many cute quotes.

The quality is really good. The color stayed and print look like new after several wash. So, don’t worry about the bleed ink.

Let impress your friend with this unique and standout shirt.
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10. Levitating Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker With LED Light

Do you ever want to live in zero gravity environments? We bring it to your home, right now. This elite Bluetooth 4.0 speaker seems right out of a science fiction movie! What is awesome than a floating egg, which can play music? And the warm led light make it even fantastic. It’s time to enjoy your amazing relaxing moment with this magic egg.

Now, you got the future of audio in your hand. This is a super cool engineering gift for boys.

Buy it now Can you pick out a gift for your engineering friend now? We hope our suggestions of 10 best gifts for engineer won’t let you down. Some gifts are truly a future of technology. Hey, you can choose one for yourself, they are all creative and useful.

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