10 best gifts for doctor 2017

Sorry seem to be the hardest word to say; yet thank-you is the hardest thing to do, especially if that person is a doctor. Believe me, I was in your shoes. But don’t worry too much; we are here to solve the case. Luckily, you don’t have to buy a medical kit or something like that to give your special doctor. There are many unique and useful things that can be express your appreciate thoughtfully.

Here are our 10 best and unique gifts for doctors. Enjoy.

1. Cleansing massager

Let “wow” your special doctor with this machine. She cared so much for your health, and now, it is time to show your care for her. There are plenty of facial cleansing machine on the market today, yet we think this one is suitable for a busy and knowledgeable person like a doctor.

It has a fashion design and very easy to carry. It not only give you a deep clean feeling but also do a really good massage job.

2. Shoes / clog

There is nothing happier than you have to walk all day, in a comfortable and warm clog. For a doctor, it is even more important.

This pair of clog slipper does the job well. Not only come out with a fashionable style, it also made by light material. Now, your doctor doesn’t have to worry about their feet every night.

3. iPad case

Most of jobs nowadays need an iPad or tablet. And doctor is not an exception. As iPad are used frequently in their daily work, a durable case will give them a free in mind.

This leather flip stand case for iPad air is made for you. Come out with a luxury design and durable leather, it protects your iPad carefully. Beside it has many cut-outs and openings for user to access all the doors. It also has a penholder by its side, so convenient for a doctor.

4. T-shirt

You are in the era of digital world, and every can be customized or done in a second. If you want something special and unique for your doctor, a T-shirt can be a funny gift for doctor.

“Keep calm, I’m a doctor”, “Kiss me, cuz I’m a doctor”, those funny sentences will bright up his/her long day. Let try them.

5. Food / box of cookies

Food is always good. Don’t make it so serious when it comes to buy a present as a thank you gift for doctor. A box of cookies for them is cool. They can share those cookies with their staff or colleague and enjoy their break time.

This David’s cookies are delicious and have a nice box. Just like homemade cookies, they have no added preservatives.

6. Business Card case

There is nothing make a doctor feel appreciate than a customized gift, which has their name on it. And we bring it to you: an Engraved Wooden Business Card Case.

The case makes of maple wood, which can be engraved the doctor name up to 25 characters. You can send it as a Christmas gift for doctor.

If you want to have a set of customize pen, you will love the gift suggested in 10 best gifts for Engineer 2017

7. Pop-up card included Gift card

If you think a card is so normal, then a pop-up card will make sense? And how about a pop-up card plus a gift card? Sound cool, right?

Don’t worry, they won’t cost you so much money. You can do-it-yourself a meaningful pop-up card or buy a simple one online.

About the gift card, some coffee gift cards like Starbucks will be a good gift idea for doctor. It has many options, so you can freely choose the one that meets your budget.

For other popup card ideas, you may love the suggestion from 10 best teacher gift ideas 2017

8. Essential oil diffuser

After a long working day, one of the best ways to relax and refresh is to use essential oil. Your house will get amazingly smell after the first use. So, give your doctor an essential oil diffuser will be a smart choice.


This essential oil diffuser has a nice design and works quietly. It has 7 color options to color your house, too. Let make a rainbow in house.

So, why don’t you send it as a present for doctor?

9. Audible book membership

For a busy person like a doctor, maybe they love books but don’t have time to read them. That’s why audible book come into place.


An audible book membership from Amazon is a great place to try, but you can also find other membership from Oyster, Scribd or Audiobooks.

10. Body Massager

For the one who have to sit, stand or walk a lot like doctor, a body massager is more than a good choice.

Image you come home tiredly after work and have a machine that take care of your neck, back and shoulder carefully, what more will you ask for?

This portable machine does the job so well. It has 8 kneading rollers and soothing heat. A comfortable feeling of relaxing and warming will come right after a few minute.


We hope after this topic of 10 best gifts for doctor you can pick out an idea for yourself. Don’t come with so normal gift because it may waste your time and money. Be a smart patient.

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