Best Gifts For Book Lovers 2017

“A book is a dream you hold in your hand.” – a famous statement by Neil Gaiman. We all know nowadays is the age of increasing digital. Therefore, books are becoming more and more meaningful, especially when they are given as gifts! If the ones you want to gift books are book lovers, the gift will be something awesome to them!

However, besides books are so familiar things to book lovers, hence we think books are not really what they want. Why don’t you think about something else such as sincere inscription, t-shirts, book cards… which can express better the love for books? There are many other interesting bookish ideas besides books and it is all up to you to pick up one design that is suitable to one’s addiction to books.

We are now to introduce you ten amazing ideas about best gifts for book lovers that can infuse a new spirit into book reading hobby. Expect to see your favorite one at once!

1, “So Many Books So Little Time” Sleepshirt

Gift this to your bibliophile husband/wife who reads books every night before going to bed is the best idea because only an avid reader knows how true the meaning of this gift is.

This is a sleep shirt which has the line “So many books so little time” with an image of a girl sitting on a high pile of books and reading. This brings a smile to your face when seeing this image.

The shirt is totally made of cotton. So it is comfortable and moisture-absorption.

Tips: There is one size fitting most. Machine washable.

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2, “I Cannot Live Without Books” Dictionary Art Print

A good way to remind the one you gift this to read every day!

This is a dictionary art print. The print gives out the vintage style with Thomas Jefferson statement: “I Cannot Live Without Books” and an image of a book under it. There is a book page as the half-hidden background.

This print is a digital image. As each quote is printed on a randomly selected page from a vintage dictionary, this product brings you new surprise every time! Every print is handmade.

Stick this art print to your dictionary, it will encourage you reading books whenever you see it! This print turn dictionaries slated for destruction into works of art!


  • You are going to receive a PRINT ONLY because. frame and matting are not included.
  • The prints fit in 8×10 inch frames or 11×14 inch frames with 8×10 inch mat openings.
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3, Portable Music Stand Light ( 2 LED lamps)

A good reading habit needs good conditions every time reading. Hence, it will show how sensible you are when gifting your loved ones who is a music lover and bed reader.

This is a music stand light. It has a built-in USB charging port which can be connected to various adapters such as computers or power banks. In addition, lighting capabilities during charging are available. The battery is AAA Powered type.

The sturdy yet flexible and lightweight goose neck allows you easily carry and position your light to anywhere you want. The light is LED Lamp-4 which has modern 4 level adjustable brightness. The brightness is are super bright which can easily light up whatever you’d like lit up. by Two adjustable arms control the LED bulbs.

We ensure about the eye friendly feature.

Note: The battery is not included.

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4, Thumb Ring Book Holder Bookmark

This is not only a great gift for graduation but also for who need to develop reading habit at young ages.

This is a thumb ring book holder – a usual meaningful teacher gift. The holder bookmark will be especially useful when you are outdoors where the wind blows the pages.

The holder keeps pages held securely by your thumb from turning in. The wood beans made from natural jute cord is attached as a bible mark.

Don’t worry, the holder is made sure to be made from milled mesquite wood on our farm or light wood from a pallet.

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5, Page-A-Day Calendar 2017

In case you need to mark your reading process, just use this!

This is a calendar keeping you reading all year round.

There are hundreds of recommendations of all interests and obsessions. G.J. Meyer’s The Borgias: The Hidden History has the combination of history and intrigue. If you are a fan of Flannery O’Connor, we have Barry Hannah’s Ray coming with a raw and scorching tale of self-destruction for you. It is set in a small southern town, which you will definitely love at the first sight.

Plus: There is a food autobiography with a twist of the cartoonist “Lucy Knisley’s delectable graphic memoir Relish: My Life in the Kitchen”.

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6, “If I Can’t Bring My Book I’m Not Going” Mug

It is said that relaxing reading your favorite book with your favorite drink is a type of happiness. And this mug makes your drink perfect.

What’s more suitable for couples? This mug is your chance to personalize yourself on the mug as each mug is made using sublimation and we will make your individual name tag followed you require.

A line of “If I Can’t Bring My Book I’m Not Going” on the mug can truly show your love in reading books. There are two sizes: 11 oz or 15 oz. The design is printed directly. The ceramic is super durable.

Tips: Microwave and dishwasher safe.

For more beer mug, you can take a look here.

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7, Magnetic Poetry: Book Lover Kit

A definite gift for graduation. Your student or children need this to gain their love for literature, particularly poetry. An educational gift: book lover kit.

Magnetic Poetry is a creative writing and yet fun and limitless toy. Wow! This is a colorful box which has up to over 200 themed magnetic word tiles in it!

A world of endless new chapters is opened in front of readers’ eyes. There are compelling characters and evocative poems. All these are carefully designed with well-written words such as character, epic, inspire, magic, mystery…

All you have to do is to rearrange the words to write poems. After rearranging and the poem would have a certain message. Send this to your schoolmates.

One extra feature: you can mix and match to create custom combinations thanks to the ability to making a great dorm room accessory of magnet words.

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8, Tablet, Book, E-reader Stand

A way more healthy way to read a book!

This is a book stand which can not only hold books but also tablets, iPads, e-readers. Now you can read books on those at comfortable viewing without using your hands.

For maximum comfort, it is adjustable to several angles. Furthermore, from landscape to portrait orientation switching is easy. Even from small to medium sized books and both paperback or hard back.

Useful for the chef when reading recipes and fits into the shirt pocket, purse. This allows artist as it can holds sketches, art books.

Tips: Exception for extra large, heavy text books or reference books.

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9, Novel Teas: 25 teabags with literary quotes

If you are a parent, what about this helpful gift for your children? Or if you are a traveler, come to this!

Just read and steep! This is a novel teas pouches contain 25 tea bags. Each tea bag is individually tagged with literary quotes all over the world.

There is no better company if be made with English breakfast tea! Imagine you open the cover of a favorite turn of the page of the latest thriller with a steaming cup of tea! Fantastic!

The journey of whether too far off lands or in a nearby locale, a soothing Novel Teas makes it more memorable. Find these story nature and unfolded in every leaf.

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10, SUMMER Bookmark Set

Summer is coming and you don’t know what bookmark to choose for the summer mood? Here what we offer for you.

This is a summer bookmark set of two flower bookmarks. One bookmark has three flowers in pink-toned color in line and decorated with two leaves. The other is nearly the same but in blue-toned color. The flower and leaves are 100% handmade with white thread embellished. To slip into the book and hold the pages perfectly, the flat black elastic slips does its job.

It somehow will be perfect to give one away and keep the other for yourself! How about gift this to your favorite teacher, your siblings or your friends?

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If you are satisfied with the information given, don’t hesitate to choose at least one of these products offered above! We have given out as useful advice as possible for you. Hope you have enjoyed those best gifts for book lovers a lot. Don’t forget to leave a comment below if you want to share some thought about the products.

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