10 Best Gifts For Bikers 2017

It opens another wonderful world after hard—working time for cyclists! Therefore, one has said that: “For cyclists, almost nothing beats time on the bike.”

Yes! The steep climbs or the long miles riding is the best way to escape common days in stress and relax every day. Only when having on the road can riders see things they never get able to do. A simple or a fantastic journey, alone or with friends, imposing landscape or normal bridges, they are all real nature things riders can enjoy outside those block buildings or car windows.

Then, why not get your beloved ones, your friends to join in this meaningful activity with you? Or just simply express your love by getting them a gift, a biker lover gift maybe?

Whether it is a mug just to remind about riding interest or a shirt for riding in hot days, those little things can do big things!

We have all collected best biker lovers gifts possible for you to consider. It varies from all kinds: a ring, a bag, a shirt, a wallet, an ashtray, a mug.

1, Decorative Motorcycle Chain

For any biker bar or mechanic’s smoking’s room, this is an essential decoration.

Great gift for new year’s eve, it means “good things come together”

This is an impressive bike Motorcycle Chain Ashtray. For smoking ones who are on the open road or motorbike enthusiast, this is just vigorous.

This is an ashtray which has bike mechanical things inside it. It has the vintage style, all the bike mechanical things are simulations.

Both the ashtray and things inside it are hand-crafted works of art.

There is a cute small motorbike stimulation with this ashtray packaged in a decorative gift box. However, cigarette not included.

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2, Leather Bag for Bike tools

It is usual for riders having troubles when riding on the long journey and they do need one bag to keep the toolbox.

This is a leather bag designed to keep your bike toolbox in special situations. In case you have a flat tire or the brakes don’t work, the toolbox inside this bag will do its job.

The bag can also be worn on your belt.

As it is made from high-quality American leather, the bag is super durable.

There is a duty snap secures not only the front but also the back securely fastened to the frame of the bike.

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3, Classic Motorcycle Wine Bottle Holder

If you are both wine lovers and bike lovers, the wine bottle is a great decoration to the drinking bar.

This is a Classic motorcycle buff. There is a wine bottle on it and the motorcycle buffs do its good job on holding the wine.

“The model sculptures are all individually handcrafted from cold cast resin” – As said from the producer.

For more information about dimensions and, go to the website.

Tips: The wine bottle is not included in the packaging.

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If you are a wine lover who is looking for gift for wine lovers, read this best gifts for wine lovers

4, Dragon Claw Skull Ring

Every riding biker has fashion things, and rings are the most common among ones.

Wearing this Dragon Claw Skull Ring is such imposing. The details are clear to see.

This is a vintage style ring, particularly for Gothic Biker. The main detail is Dragon Claw Skull.

Unlike other enormous biker, style rings are, it is just fit your finger so well. This is just not so massive, it is delicate.

For those who want to be even more impressive, it is a lot darker than usual ones.

Your boyfriend or husband will love this.

And if you want to have other type of jewelry, than you should take a look at those stuff.

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5, Mountain Bike Gloves

Yes, it is impossible bikers not to have gloves.

If your husband or your son is so into riding bikes, gift this to them. To those who have boy/girl friend who is bikers racer, this is a great gift.

The gloves are made of the best material to ensure the compression comfort and support they give, The microfiber leather is hard wearing and fit greatly. In addition, the cloth made of mesh and lycra fabric is 3 dimensional tailored and highly elastic. As a result, it is breathable and moisture-wicking.

The palm is even more professional. It is skip-proof and reduces numbness on the bumpy road. The buffer layer is silica gel pad. The optimum visibility and safety are pipping on hand.

When you are tired of, you could wipe your face in a large range. The terry cloth is used to wipe the dripping and distracting sweat.

And for your convenience, if you want something cool to beat the heat of the sun, then those cooling tower will help you.

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6, St. Christopher Ride Medal Keychain

Your beloved bike should have something cute but impressive as well as decoration. Come to this Keychain.

This is a keychain which has the image of made of a father and a son on his shoulder on a motorbike. There is a Cross too, and the keychain is made of metal which is carved the line” St. Christopher” and “Ride with me”

If you believe in St. Christopher’s protection, hang this on your bike. In case you wish someone best luck on the start of their journey, this gift is such meaningful.

There is a Cable Tie and a Key Ring Included.

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7, Leather Keychain Key Holder Wallet

This is the boyfriend material gift! Or if you are a mother, this is a helpful gift for your son!

This is a keychain holder wallet! When riding bikes, you have to have a wallet to hold your house key, car key, private id card, and money.

I believe this wallet will best help. There is 6 key hook up, 1 coin pocket. The other 2 secret pockets are cards holder. This is a mix of mini wallet and simple key holder.

This is made of 100% genuine leather. This leather kind will make it excellently thick and yet soft.

A unique and rare color: cowhide leather. The color creates the vintage style for the keychain.

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8, Motorcycle Waist Pack Drop Leg Cross Over Bag

When riding bikes, you definitely need some a bag to put in your things, this is the one!

This is a Cross Over Bag which is suitable for carrying your phone, wallet, flashlight, pocket knife, coach purse, and earphones w/case.

The bag is Waist Pack Drop Leg cross over type. It is around waist and leg which sits just perfect for easy access while riding. This bag is very useful for climbing too.

The size is about 5.9 x 1.37 x 8.6 inch and very lightweight, only 0.35kg.

Tips: This genuine leather material can easily get scratches on the surface. You need to be careful before placing!

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9, “I’m Biker Grandpa. Just Like a Normal Grandpa Except Much Cooler” Mug

Every time after having riding bikes, relax with a pleasant drink in this mug, it is the best!

Give your grandpa this gift, he will be so pleasant! This is most suitable for Father’s Day or Longevity ceremony!

This is a white mug which has the line “I’m Biker Grandpa. Just Like a “Normal Grandpa Except Much Cooler” on it! The printing is on both sides and it is Dye Sublimation one. Hence, no worry about peeling or scratching is needed.

Either cold or hot liquid is possible. About 11 ounces is enough.

This mug is totally made in the USA.

Tips: This mug is microwave and dishwasher safe.

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If you want other kinds of mug, not only for bike lovers, you can check out: Heat Changing Constellation Mug ( number 2) or Wooden Beer Mug ( number 10)

10, “I’m a Biker Dad But Way Cooler” shirt

Got this for you dad on his father’s day, there nothing could be better! His friends will be like “Wow” when they look at how powerful and young he is when wearing this shirt!

This is shirt which has the “I’m a Biker Dad like a normal dad But Way Cooler” line on it.

As this shirt is 90-100% made of cotton, it is best for hot days in summer! Driving bikes are sometimes unpleasant if you have perspiration problem, this shirt is moisture-wicking and anti-bacteria.

In addition, this shirt is lightweight and durable thanks to the Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem.

Suitable for other outdoor activities too!

Tips: Machine washable with like colors. Dry in low heat condition only.

Only the heathers-color one is made of 65% Cotton and 35% Polyester. Don’t worry, it is still moisture-resistant.

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Hope some suggestions of best gifts for bikers 2017 article, we have made can help you in your decision.We have also provided the description as detailed as possible. For more information about the dimensions and weight, go to the websites. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you don’t understand anything or have chosen your favorite ones!

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