10 Best gifts for basketball player and fan

For basketball player and fan, we cannot deny their passion with this sport. I do love basketball too. When I was a kid, I used to happy all day because my mother gave me a basketball as a gift. And now, I still feel the same if anyone give me the exactly gift which I always crave for.

I think your basketball player friends will feel the same if they receive a gift which is related with their hobby. If you are close enough to know what they really want, you can still find this post is useful. In 10 Best gifts for basketball player and fan we bring to you many amazing ideas, which will wow your friend without spending too much money.

Let check it out.

1. Basketball ball

This item is always on the top of this list. Every basketball player had a ball, right? But it doesn’t mean you cannot give them one. It turns out that a good ball will make they play better.

There are many choices for a NBA basketball, but it is recommend to choose official size 29.5 inches. There are many balls that are made from high quality rubber. So, you don’t to worry about its durability.

What’s more, beside the traditional orange color, you are offered many other color options such as black, blue or green.

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2. Books

Your friend is not a worm book or a book lover? Don’t worry. They will love your gift as long as it relates to their hobby. There is a truth that nobody can stop their curiosity toward what they love.

A book about how to be a basketball’s best player, which writes about skills, tips and techniques will surprise your friend.

Let help him/her build their strength in the sport they love.

If you love reading book about sports, then you don’t want to miss this hit from Sir Alex, let find it in 10 best gifts for soccer/football player and fan

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3. Basketball Knee Pads

Everyone will get hurt when they playing sport, especially in hard sport like basketball. That is why we recommend you buy knee pads for your friend as a gift. Nothing is more useful for a basketball lover than a gadget that can protect his body efficiently.

As knee is the easiest body part that can be get hurt while you run, jump or fight with others to get the ball, it truly needs a quality and durable knee pad.

The best material for a good knee pad is elastic polyester, and other add-on features it must have are shock-resistant and anti-slip strip.

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4. Basketball T-shirts /NBA Jersey

It’s always cool to receive a T-shirt as a gift. As a sport lover, I really love those T-shirts, which are printed the quote or the picture of the sport I love.

So, you can buy a customize T-shirt as a gift for basketball boyfriend with funny quote like “School is important but basketball is importanter”, or “Born to ball”….

Those T-shirts are made of good quality and eco-friendly ink. But you should take a look carefully about the size before order. There are some supplier sell T-shirt which not has the normal size.

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5. Basketball shoes

A good pair of shoes always make your game wonderful and your feet comfortable. But wait, there are some shoes that are specially made for basketball player. You can buy it easily on online seller like Amazon or from some famous brands like Nike or Adidas.

About shoes, you should pay attention to its material and size before purchasing.

Let buy a gift for your basketball kids and make their day wonderful.

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6. Basketball Jewelry

Accessories are never enough for girls. If you accidently have a girlfriend who love basketball or cheer leader in high school, then a basketball necklace may be a good choice.

What’s more, we offer plenty of choices for you in the jewelry world. Don’t like necklace, so let take a look at earrings or bracelet instead. All of them have basketball icon.

Time to choose a basketball gift for your girlfriend.

If your friends happen to like tennis, then those jewelry gifts are for you: 10 best gifts for tennis players

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7. Basketball headband

Basketball headband is a small item yet it plays a very important role. You head will be protected from sweat and make you feel comfortable when playing the game.

That’s why you should choose the one that can absorb sweat quickly and make from soft and breathable material.

There are many style, price and color headband for you to choose, but you should read the product description and customer comment carefully to buy the one that suitable with you.

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8. Basketball wallet

It sounds a little bit strange, right? But I think it is an amazing idea gift for basketball player. May be your friend had too much basketball-relate items such as ball, T-shirt, or shoes, so don’t give them things that they already had.

A leather wallet with basketball icon, NBA icons will surprise them immediately. What’s more, there are many kind of wallet that you can choose, from slim leather wallet to money clip wallet. I’m sure your basketball boy will love it.

Don’t underestimate small things. And you know, it can be good gifts for basketball coaches.

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9. Basketball phone case

If a wallet is too expensive for you to buy, then you can consider about basketball phone case. There are plenty of choices for you out there. From printed plastic to leather-made phone case, all are in high quality and affordable price.

There are many funny cases that make use of the apple icon as a basketball. Let take a look at those options and choose the best one for your friend.

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10. Basketball Décor Mug/ Pillow

Last but not least, let your boys live with their hobby even in their dream. A basketball pillow or bedspread is a perfect idea.

You are offering a lot of materials, sizes and colors for those items, so it is quite easy for you to choose a suitable gift for your beloved.

We are sure you will “wow’ your boy at their first sight.

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We hope those listed items above will help you find a cool gift for your friend. 10 Best gifts for basketball player and fan collection will be updated in the near future, so let keep in touch with us. We will give you more fabulous things.

Enjoy your shopping!

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