Best Eagle Scout Gift Ideas 2017

Whether we should give gifts to those who reach the pinnacle of Scouting? The answer is yes!

Eagle-themed items are usually appreciated as gifts. However, your local scout shop many has too many eagle items which make you so hesitated to make decisions.

We know that Eagle Scout is usually considered to gift or not, therefore, the decisions are hard to make too! Hence, we have come up with this collection of Best Eagle Scout Gifts to make this task easier. We have carefully chosen among those best scout gifts for you and rounded up into top ten products!

Hope this can help you and enjoy our collection!

1, Kurt Adler Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout Shirt

People said that if you have an Eagle Scout in your life, definitely this should be the present!

This is a BSA Eagle Scout Shirt. It is embellished with a beautifully designed Eagle Ornament.

This shirt is Highly Detailed with Eagle Neckerchief. In addition to that, there is a full of merit badge patches and lots of Eagle medals.

The material made of resins in best quality. The fabric is airy enough for hot days and warm enough for cold days.

The size of this shirt is approximately 3.25-inches Length and 3.25-inch Wide.

Don’t worry, this shirt has been Officially Licensed.

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2, Eagle bracelet Eagle Scout

To show how you are proud of your Eagle Scout activities, just wearing this.

This is an impressive shark bracelet! People said: “Your body language shape who you are”. By wearing this, you may feel somehow more confident.

The design is made in solid 925 Sterling Silver! The exclusive silver component is not silver plated.

All parts are cut with the hacksaw and carefully hand polished!As this embrace is totally handmade and crafted, you have the chance to decide your own length you need. From the drop-down menu, you can select one size. As a result, each of those embraces is unique.

This is a large thickness of approximately 0,051 inches which is not deformed.

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3, Dare to Soar: A Gift, and a Challenge to the Eagle Scout

A beginner of Eagle Scout activities should at least have this one!

This is a book named Dare to Soar.

On the Eagle Scout accomplishment, it commands all the challenging the new Eagle Scout to be all as much as they could be.

Along the process from the Eagle trail to another level, there will be many learned lessons to live a life of accomplishment.

Inspired by the name of a book, there are eight challenges which are called “8 Eagle Scouts dares”. Each dare contains inspirational messages sent to Eagle Scout. And all messages will come to one meaning which has been said in the description of the book: “Dare to Soar invites Eagle Scouts to strive to be nothing less than great in every way!”

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4, SIBOSUN Eagle Design Pocket Watch Chain Quartz Movement Arabic Numerals

It is a pity for a boy or girl not having this. Besides, if giving this presents to your senior, nothing could be better!

This is a vintage eagle series pocket watch.

The front of this watch has an image of an eagle on it! The eagle means freedom, strength, and success. Hence, this watch means the best wish for everyone joining the Eagle Scout, and they are just like The Eagle Soars In the Sky who dare to create the future bravely.

The details are greatly exclusively brand new thanks to the workmanship.The battery is powered. Moreover, the quartz movement is perfectly precise. There is a special removable key chain with a clip at the end.

The dial color of the watch is in white, but the Arabic numerals are in black.

Tips: Mix this with formal or casual dressing will be so nice.

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5, Eagle Scout Congratulations Card: American Flag

If you want to send an encouraging image to Eagle Scout beginners, use this card!

This is a high-resolution card with the image of the American Flag with “Congratulations Eagle Scouts”.

This is a thick cardstock. The image on it is carefully designed in high-quality graphics.

This must be one of the best inspirational message for young Eagle Scouts boys and girls.

There is also an envelope Included.

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6, Unique Framed Collectible with Personalized Engraved Plate

This is what needed for you when you want to personalize your things such as stamps, pictures…. Especially in special occasions like birthdays or retirements, this is perfect and unique gift.

The engraved plate of this has a maximum of 3 lines, each line has 30 Characters. Each frame describes in a brief write-up. The subject or occupation mentioned has some related stamps

The frame is rich mahogany and double matted. While the top mat has a hunter green, the bottom mat has a hint of burgundy which is all completed with plexiglass. Don’t worry, there are protective wall bumpers.

Tips: If this game is used on company employee recognitions or tokens of appreciation, it is the bet ideal thing ever.

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7, Lighthouse Christian Products Moments of Faith Soaring Eagle Rectangle Sculpture Plaque

A perfect one to remember about your Eagle Scout activities!

This is a rectangle sculpture. It has the image of an angle crossing through high mountains, which show the power of the cross, your new life and the source of hope.

The materials are made of cast stone which is super durable. The MDF base also helps a lot.

The 3-D relief helps sculpted Figures more sturdy in silver metallic finish accent

This design can’t be more innovative and visually appealing. Even furthermore, you will get impressed by how this can be the spiritually uplifting encouragement to you!

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8, Eagle Scout Coin Knife

This is a definitely an essential thing to a professional Eagle Scout!

We all know that: “The service project of showing the process plan, develop, give leadership is thoroughly reviewed and certified by both local and national Scouting authorities before the Eagle Scout award is granted” (-extracted from a definition”).

This is a Coin Knife. Hence, this coin is to honor those few who are able to achieve the high honor of the Eagle Scout. Especially brush with an antique finish, it is accented on both sides. The rich enamel highlights come with a header card which can describe how outstanding the Eagle Scout rank is!

Tip: When being in normal states, it is just a harmless coin. In unusual situations, it is a useful knife which can be protective.

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9, US American Bald Eagle Men’s Cufflink

For Father’s Days, this is a wonderful gift!

This is Eagle Men’s Cufflink.

It has a power sign on it: a Silver Metal American Bald Eagle Symbol! This is the respective symbol which is known as the Boundless spirit of Freedom, strength, and power. Besides the bald eagle is the national emblem of The USA.

The quantity is one pair.

The size is approximately in 14mm! It is quite heavyweight which is in 13.87g.

Approximately: 14mm in size, 13.87g in weight

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10, Eagle Scout Hiking Stick Medallion

The best meaningful reminder about your durable, unique journey in your Eagle Scout’s elite leadership course!

Those sticks are must-have for any the Eagle Scout award granted. They show your pride, your confidence, your good behaviors, good things you have done! They are spiritual award to you!

Only ones who have excellently demonstrate in leadership, service and outdoor skills are awarded this! Besides, you have to get at least 21 merit badges before earning this designation!

The image of a bald eager on the flag of the USA tells all that you have!

The Stick Medallion is in 1 3/8 inch x 1 3/8 inch Oval. It is Bronze Antique with Enamel.

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We are very grateful for having spent your time reading our collection of Best Eagle Scout gifts. Hope you have enjoyed a lot from our collection. If we can help you chose one, it is our honor. In case you feel anything not comprehensive, just leave a comment!

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