10 Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Are you shopping for the wedding anniversary gifts? If you are, you will feel overwhelmed with thousands of choices you can have on the market. To make it easier for you, we sum up some of the best gifts that are among the most-asked-for registry gifts.

They can be traditional or creative gifts. They can also be personalized gifts to show the recipients that you are truly care for them. No matter what your choices are, you would be able to find the wedding anniversary gifts that meet all of your needs and requirements here.


Here is the list of the 10 best wedding anniversary gifts for you:

1. Star Wars Inspired His Hers Pillowcase Set, I Love You, I Know-Couples Gift

Bedding item such as bed sheets and pillowcase are among the most popular and traditional gifts that you can give to a newly-wed couple. And in case your newly-wed couple is a big fan of the Star Wars Franchise, then great, here is a cool option of gift you can consider. This pillowcase set is a great gift for Star War fans with one pillowcase that says “I love you” and the other pillowcase that says “I know”. They are among the most popular quotes from the Star Wars Movie.

These pillow cases are definitely of high quality. They are made of 100 % of Egyptian cotton with 300 thread count. Hence, these pillowcases are soft on touch. While they are soft and smooth, they don’t get wrinkles easily and you don’t have to iron them at all. They are also very easy to care for. Please note that pillow inserts aren’t included in this set. The measurements of these pillowcases are 21.5 inches in width x 30 inches in length. They can fit standard pillows so you don’t have to worry that these gifts might come to waste at all.

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2. California Delicious Luxurious Lavender Retreat Spa Basket

After the busy wedding event, the newly-wed couples would surely feel tired and want to relax. Why don’t we give them something nice for them to relax with? Perhaps some nice treats or smoothing cups of tea? Or nice shampoo and body wash? Or you can offer them both with a basket of California delicious and luxurious treats.

This spa basket comes with many small but useful things. They include bags of tea, lavender body wash, lotion, soap to name just few. Your newly-wed couples can sip a cup of Starbucks Tazi tea while they can enjoy indulging themselves in a bath with the Lavender Chamomile body wash. Lavender and Chmomile are believed to be the best scents for relaxing and reducing stress. There are other nice treats for you to enjoy such as Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts and toffee.

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3. Personalized Wedding Blanket

Here comes another popular and traditional wedding gift. Only this time, make it more special with a personalized one which you can have your own text to give to the newly-wed couple.

This personalized wedding blanket is an item which is handmade with an excellent craftsmanship. The materials of this blanket are 50 % of polyester and 50 % of cotton, bringing the softest and smoothest touch. The blanket features one solid color side and one designed side. You are free to customize that side with the letter and photographs of your choice. The design of your choice will be applied onto the blanket by using a heat press process. As a result, the design can be printed into the fibers of the blanket nicely. Over time, the ink will not fade, crack or peel at all. It surely lasts for a very long time.

There are 6 options of colors for you to choose from including red, black, grey, brown, navy and white. In addition, you can choose from 20 different fonts. The dimensions of this blanket are 54 x 38 inches. Last but not least, it only takes from 3 to 5 days for your order to be processed. Hence, if you see yourself in a rush for a gift, there is still a lot of time to prepare a special personalized gift like this blanket.

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4. Live Laugh Love – 3 Piece Canvas Print – Wall Art Decor

If your newly-wed couple moves to a new place after wedding, it would be a great idea to buy something for their new house. You can buy some electrical appliances, bedding items or some nice decorative items and wall art decors such as this set of canvas print.

This set of print includes 3 pieces of high quality printed canvases which say Live, Laugh, and Love. These canvases are stretched and stapled to frames which are wooden stretcher bars. The canvases are of high qualities which are white semi-gloss artist canvases. These canvases are then printed and stretched beautifully to the wooden bars. These 15-inch thick bars are shrink resistant and durable. Not to mention that the images are printed on the canvas using the latest HP Latex inks to make the prints to be very long lasting. They wouldn’t fade for over 100 years.

There are 3 options of colors for you to choose from. You can choose a design with black background and white letters or one with white background and black letter. You can also choose panels with white background and teal letter. There are 2 options of sizes for your consideration as well. The first size is 12 x 12 in dimensions and the second size is 16 x 16 in dimensions. Hanging accessory kit is included and these frames are ready to be hung up.

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5. Kissing Mugs Set

If you are thinking about buying something which offers 2 items for both the groom and the bride, you can consider these exquisitely crafted large cups of two.

While there are thousands of couple cups and mugs that you can find on the market, you can hardly find the set of mugs with such a cute and unique design. These mugs are guaranteed to get some “aww” from the bride and groom. When you place two mugs so that they stand side by side, they will fit each other’s contours perfectly and form a kiss. It is surely a cute and romantic design. Not only does the design of these mugs is top-notch, they are built to last for a long time as well. They are made with high quality material to be chip resistant. They are safe for both microwave and dishwasher. Your newly-wed couple can enjoy drinking both hot and cold water with these mugs. They are definitely the keepsake that can last for many years to come. There are 2 mugs- the red mug is 13 oz. in size and the white mug is 10 oz. in size.

Finally, these cups are packed with their matching spoons and then put into a nice and sturdy box to make a very beautiful gift. This gift is not only suitable for a wedding gift but also gifts on Valentine’s Day or Christmas, to name just a few.

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6. Waterford Love True Love Flute Pair

While the kissing mug set above can be a very cute and unique gift, this set of glassware is more of a traditional and elegant choice. Not to mention that this gift can be used at the wedding reception and even after this important date.

Here is the set of two champagne flutes featuring etched design with heart accents. These flutes are handcrafted with excellent craftsmanship to have very beautiful details. The design is frosted from all sides of the flutes. The stem and the bottom of the flutes are frosted. In addition, the crystal which is used to make these flutes is the finest and clearest crystal. Thanks to the high quality materials, all of the details on the flutes will surely last for a long time, not to mention that they are truly dishwasher safe. You can bring these toasting flutes to have them engraved, possibly with the couple’s names or the date of the wedding to make the gift more customized and special.

Last but not least, these flutes are packed inside an elegant gift box along with the instructions on how to take care of these flutes. All of these details make this pair of flutes a suitable gift for an elegant and traditional wedding.

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7. OrliverHL 1X Couple T-Shirt DADDY MOMMY BABY Printing Shirts Family Clothes Tee Tops ,Gold Word,S

For a special newlyweds with kids, this proves to be the most popular and suitable gift. This set of wedding and anniversary gifts consist of 4 T-shirts. They are T-shirts for daddy, mommy, and baby boy and baby girl. This set of T-shirts is a great choice for the new family to wear when they go on a play date, go picnic, or go camping. Nothing would show the love of the family more than this gift. I mean even at a place full of people, everyone would know that they are a family.

On the back of the T-shirts, there are golden words which are printed on these T-shirt. The color is vibrant and neutral, which looks good on both of the genders. The letters and numbers which are printed on the back of the T-shirts are also very vibrant and long lasting. In addition, the T-shirts are made of 100 % of cotton, making it very breathable and comfortable, especially when the recipients have to wear it for a long day in the summer.

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8. King and Queen Satin Robes Couple Robes

Are you looking for a perfect gift that the newlywed couples can bring to their honeymoon? And then also with that gift, they can use it all over and over again. Then this set of a King and a Queen satin robe is one of the best choices that you can consider. Not to mention that these gifts are so practical and useful that you don’t have to worry about whether the newlywed couple already has a pair like this or not. One would never be enough, trust me.

The materials of these robes are cotton, polyester and rayon. These materials make bring a silky feel to the robes. As a result, the wearer would feel really comfortable when he or she put the robe on. These robes are available in 1 size.

You can choose several options of colors such as white, back, pink, mint, and coral. Not to mention that you can have your own design printed on the back of the robes. You can have the names of the newlyweds printed, making a unique and customized gift that looks like no other gifts on the market.

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9. Matashi 24K Gold Plated “Happy Anniversary” Double Heart Table Top Ornament With Red Crystals

Are you looking for a keepsake that marks and celebrate the wedding or anniversary day? You would never go wrong with an ornament. One of the best choices on the market is the Matashi 24K gold plated featuring a double heart, red crystals and the engrave letters “Happy Anniversary”.

First, this gift will surely catch the attention of the newlywed couple and anyone that looks at it. It has a very eye-catching design with two hearts, red crystals and the “Happy Anniversary” banner. Second, the materials are of high qualities to ensure the ornament can last for a long time. Third, the crystals have precise cuts to bring a very clean and solid look to this decorative keepsake. The dimensions of this ornament are 3.5 x 1.5 x 3.5 inches, weighing 0.1 pounds. The small size of this keepsake makes it suitable for any interior design or home décor. Finally, this ornament has such a stable base that you can keep it on a table top.

And don’t worry about the packing. This ornament is packed with an elegant velvet pouch inside a luxurious box ready to be given away. Each item has a serial number for you to verify its authenticity.

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10. Folded Book Art – Love Pattern – Paper Anniversary Gift for Him or Her – Stunning Word Pattern

The last gift on the list is a very unique choice of keepsakes that you can have as a present for a wedding. It is a book sculpture with your customized word patterns. There are stunning word patterns you can have such as the date of the wedding or any other special dates.

This unique and highly customized book is made by carefully folding the individual pages of a book to form the letters or numbers that you want. From the day you place your order to the day you receive the gift; it only takes from 3 to 5 days. Hence, if you need a gift in the last minute, this wouldn’t be a big problem. With such a beautiful gift and unique design, even the person who is hard to buy a gift for will be surprised and satisfied.

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Here are some of the best wedding and anniversary gifts that you can easily find on the market. As you can see, there are many different choices for you to choose from. If you want to have a traditional wedding gift, you can go for a set of pillowcases or blanket. In case you prefer a much more creative and unique gift, you can think of a set of wall canvas painting or a set of mugs. And in case you are looking for a more personalized gift that looks like no other gift on the market, you can think about personalized blankets or book sculpture.

Some of the gifts here are practical gifts which the newlyweds can use in their daily lives such as pillows, blankets, or a set of mugs. Some are keepsakes that you can use as a decorative item for the couple to be reminded about the most important day of their lives. No matter what ticks your box, you need to think carefully about the needs and preferences of the newlywed couples. When you are able to think through, I am sure that you will be able to find the most suitable gift that will make the recipient happy, adding more to their happiness on the their most important day.

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