10 Best Gifts Idea For Beer Lovers 2017

There is nothing easier than choosing a gift for beer lovers. We will help you save a lot of time and money with those suggestions.

Beer is known as old as human history. Every time people celebrated their success or having to mull over problems, they gather around and share the happiness amongst one another, and obviously with the present of beers! Today, families, friends, co-workers still have that tradition. Thus, it is best to gift something beer related!

Knowing your difficulties in choosing which gifts are best for beer lovers, we have rounded up into 10 best gifts after long contemplation!

Below is our collection of “Gifts For Beer Lovers 2017”. We believe that our collection can please any palate no matter how the beer personality is. Yes, these gifts celebrate your true passion! It’s beer!

1, COOL CAPSULE Beer Bottle Cooler Gift Set Includes Stainless Steel Bottle Keeper, Neoprene Sleeve + Bottle Opener – The Perfect Gift for Beer Lovers, Tailgaters, Campers and Festival Goers!

If your friend tends to be a slow drinker and is looking for a beer bottle being able to keep the drink cold for a long time, this cool capsule beer bottle is just the right gift for them.

This is just not a usual average beer bottle insulator! This is a stainless steel one that has one extra layer of insulation and neoprene sleeve. The top of this capsule has an inner seal to keep your drink fresher and fizzier, even when you have removed the cap.

The beautifully designed outside of an outdoors theme will impress you right at the first time!

For hikers, tailgaters, festival goers… this can fit most 12 oz beer bottles.

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2, The Beer Bible

It is such a pity for a beer lover not to have this beer bible!

This is a book which is similar to a welcoming pub menu! It is divided into ales, lagers, wheat beers, sour, wild ales.

Each chapter has its own style and delves into things such as origins, ingredients, description, sub-styles… At the end of each chapter, there is a recommended list of the beers. All you have to do is just to read and to find your favorites ones!

Thanks to the Infographic charts, you can thoroughly make sense of the connection between styles and families!

The book is not only for passionate beginners but also for ones who intermediate and want to go deeper for the true geeks.

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3, All 50 States Beer Cap Maps – Oregon Beer Cap Map OR – Glossy Wood – Skyline Workshop

A unique but wonderful gift to your buddies who are beer lovers and intersted in collection beer caps!

This is a is an OR Beer Cap Map holder which can hold up to 84 beer caps! You can easily snap all those caps in from the back.

It is approximately 20″x15″ and ¼” thick.

Not only beer caps, all bottle crafts, twist offs can also be held.

Just mount this map on the wall and this makes your wall more impressive!

Tips: You can easily remove it and add caps!

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4, Wall Mounted Bottle Opener with Magnet Cap Catcher – Stainless Steel – by CAPLORD, Unique Bar Tool Gift for Beer Lover, Dad, Husband, Boyfriend, Men, Birthday

A definitely indispensable thing to begin a party with beers!

This is a stationary bottle opener! Using this STAINLESS STEEL cap catcher, you just will have to use one hand and hold over up to 50 beer or soda caps at the same time!

This magnetic cap catcher also has a screwdriver key ring and all are inside a wooden box.

This hanging bottle opener is must-have in everyone kitchen, or in bar garage, backyard. And definitely, a party needs this.

Just a perfect present for your men and women on their day!

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5, Ring For Beer Bell Beer Gag Gift / Adult Practical Joke / Drinking Gag Gift – For Beer Lovers – 3 x 3 x 5 in.

A wonderful birthday gift, this brings such a lovely sound when you ring it!

Whenever you want to drink beers with your friends or someone brings beers to you, ring this as a lovely welcome.

This ring is made of hard dark wood and has a luxury shining gold-like color on it!

The printed words on it are: “Ring For A Beer”. This is such a meaningful message to wish your receiver good things will come.

The perfect size of 16″ would be the best gift ever for a craft beer enthusiast.

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6, Beer Tasting Flight Paddle – For Beer Lovers, Homebrewers, Professional Bars, Brewpubs, and Breweries – Includes Paddle and Four 6 Ounce Sample Glasses.

You will love this flight paddle! This is a Beer Tasting Flight Paddle which can hold up to 5 ounces in perfect same size.

This flight paddle is made of hard dark wood and has a precise size at 16″.

For beer lovers, this flight paddle is a gorgeous decoration their glasses of beer and get compliments from their drinking companion. For groomsmen, dad, or grad if they are received these gifts from their beloved women, they will be so thankful!

An excellent addition to the beer lovers’ collection.

Tips: The glass part is dishwasher-safe. However, the wood part can only be washed by hand.

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7, Mona Lisa Shotgunning a Beer- Pabst Blue Ribbon – PBR – Wood Block Art Print

A uniquely funny decoration to your house!

This is a Wood Block Art Print which features the image of Mona Lisa shotgunning a beer.

Mona Lisa is known as an excellent piece of art by Davinci. It has been modified that Mona Lisa is holding a beer, which can abstract for a beer lover!

This is a handmade item made of Woof and paper, the funny image of Mona Lisa-beer lover is printed.

Tips: Consider carefully if the one who you want to give this gift is the type of serious person!

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8, The Godfather Movie Engraved Logo Beer Pint Glass

Get the one who you want this wonderful gift to remember about you everytime they drink beer!

This is a beer pint glass which features the movie logo of “The Godfather” on the front. On the back of this glass, there is Paramount Pictures proof of authenticity.

For not only beer lovers, this is just right for movie lovers too! Imagine watching your favorites with your beloved ones and drink beers by this, it is so pleasant.

The etched design is in frosted white. This embellishment is carved right into the surface outside.

Tips: glass dishwasher safe.

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9, Camping Wine Drinking Glasses & Drawstring Wine Carrier Travel Bag – Lightweight, Unbreakable, Durable Wine To Go Set – Best 4 Hiking & RV Camp Gifts & Outdoor Beer & Wine To Go To Festivals, or Beach

You surely need this kit on the go while traveling to enjoy your favorite booze.

There are two pieces of glassware set in a black travel carrying tote bag.

To prevent breaking on the go, this two glasswaere is made of shatterproof no-break plastic silicon which makes them packable. Such a miracles, it is just the past when you have to clean up for broken glass at your parties!

The bag has a drawstring to make sure all those from falling out.

Now, you don’t have to worry whether your beer or cocktail could melt when placing near the campfire. Not only for beers! Thanks to the indestructible barware equipment, it is amazing that when boiling or doing things up to 450F, it is still safe! All you have to do is to freely boil water in them for your coffee and tea!

No need to carry heavy luggage, now you have this being able for alcohol beverages!

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10, Beer Gifts/Beer Mug/Wooden Beer Mug/Wood Beer Mug/Medieval Mug/Wooden Beer Stain/Grandpa Gift for Grandpa/Wooden Tankard/hölzerne Bierkrug

This is such a luxury gift with the best authenticity for any beer lovers, especially for wedding days!

This is handmade wooden beer mug. It is made from natural oak.

In addition to the durable materials, it is BPA-Free and FDA-approved! Hence, they are completely eco-friendly and environmentally recyclable.

Moreover, the quality of this mug has been lacquered with certified food safe varnish.

One impressive thing, the drawing, and inscription are made in the technique of pyrography.

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We’re such thankful for your spending precious time reading our collection of “Gifts For Beer Lovers 2017″. We can ensure that one of our collection products now have been your gift to your friends. If you don’t understand about some information about the collection, just leave a comment down here and we will reply in no time.

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