10 Best Anniversary Gifts For Him Or Husband

Many people might think that choosing a gift for a man would be easier than choosing a gift for a woman. A man’s needs and preferences would be much simpler. But if you have to consider a gift for your partner or your husband, you will instantly realize that these above statements are not true at all. In fact, you would have as many choices of gifts you can present to your partner or husband as you can present to your girlfriends. Many men want to receive useful and functional gifts like a wallet or a grooming kit. Many want to receive a cool gadget to serve their DIY hobby. Or for someone, they would be happy with a bottle of perfume.

In case you are looking for some ideas of what anniversary gifts that you can give to your partner or your husband, why don’t you take a look at our best pick here? These gifts are among the most wanted gifts that a man would like to receive. Not to mention that they are all picked from the best products with the highest quality.

Here are 10 best anniversary gifts for your boyfriend, your partner or your husband:

1. Lethnic Slim Money Clip Wallet, Bifold Leather Business Card Holder With ID Window

A wallet is one of the most essential accessories that every man should have. It helps him to organize his cards, notes and IDs. There are many types of wallets that you can find on the market. But you would never go wrong with a bifold wallet. It is slim in design but very functional and usefull.

This wallet from Lethnic is made of 100 % of premium genuine cowhide leather. Thanks to the high quality material, the surface of each of the wallet has a beautiful crocodile embossed finish. This finish does not only make the wallet more beautiful and unique, it also makes it classier and more luxury. In case you are looking for a wallet for your partner or your husband to bring to work, you would never go wrong with this wallet.

Besides the high quality and long lasting material, this wallet has a compact design and a light weight so that it is easy for the receiver to put the wallet in any pocket. While it is compact and slim in design, it can hold up to 10 cards and a few notes.

One of the most significant features of this wallet is the RFID technology that comes along with this wallet, making it safer for your partner and husband to bring this wallet when he goes travelling.

There are several options of colors for you to choose from including black, blue, brown and wine red. They are also different in sizes as well- small or large, whichever you think your partner or your husband will love.

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2. Philips Norelco Multigroom 5100 Grooming Kit – 18 Length Settings QG3364/49

Every man would need to trim his facial hair and his beard every day. And no trimmer or razor could last forever. If you think this is time your partner or your husband change his grooming product, why don’t you look at this grooming kit from Phillips Nerelco.

Phillips Norelco is a company which is well known for producing high quality grooming products and this product from the company is of no exception. The blades of this grooming kit are made of high quality Chromium steel self-sharpening material to ensure that these blades can last for a long time. On the other hand, the tips of these blades and comb are rounded so that they can prevent irritation and itchiness. Moreover, this grooming kit comes with the 18 built0in length setting for the user to adjust to different types of hairs and beard styles. And finally, the turbo power is strong enough for the user to trim through thick hair quickly and smoothly. Overall, your partner or your husband will have the best experience shaving with this grooming kit.

This grooming kit includes 7 tools for all types of face and head styling. These tools include a full-sized metal guard trimmer, hair clipping comb, beard comb, stubble comb, mini foil save, detail trimmer and nose trimmer.

Finally, this razor can run up to 60 minutes of cordless use, making it very convenient for the user to use this produce anywhere and anytime.

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3. Cool Water By Davidoff For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 4.2 Ounces

If you think that your partner or your husband don’t have enough bottles of perfumes at home, you can consider buying for him one. In term of perfumes and body sprays, you literally have thousands of choices. There are a lot to think about: the occasions and season to wear the perfume, the fragrance notes- whether they smell nice and go well with the personalities of your partner or your husband.

In case you don’t want to place a big risk on this type of gift, why don’t you go for one of the most popular perfumes for men? Cool Water by Davidoff is among the best choices of perfumes for men. This product was introduced in 1988 by Davidoff. Its fragrance notes are lavender, rosemary and green nuances as top notes. The heart notes are jasmine, neroli and geranium. The base notes are oak moss, musk and sandalwood. With these fragrance notes, your partner or your husband can wear it on daytime. Overall, this product brings a fresh, sharp and masculine scent regardless of a strong aromatic scent.

Please note that this product is Eau De Toilette, which contains 5-89 % of perfume oil (on the other hand, Eau De Parfum, making it stronger)

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4. Glenor Co Watch Box with Valet Drawer for Men

Provided that your man loves watches or has a watch collection already, a watch box with a valet drawer would be quite a thoughtful gift. A watch box help your partner or your husband to store watches in a place to keep them safe and clean regardless of time. In addition, a nice and high quality watch box will also add extra elegancy and sophistication to your watch collection.

This watch box is made with carbon fiber for the body and metal buckle for the closure system. There is a large glass top for you to look through the collection without opening the drawer. Your boyfriend or your husband will surely fall in love with the unique and attractive design of this watch box thanks to the classy and elegant material and the sophisticated finish. The design makes it easy for your partner or your husband to open the box with only 1 hand.

It contains 6 slots for you to display and organize your watch collection. With these slots, there are watch cushions to make sure they fit different watches of different sizes. In addition, the valet drawer helps your partner or your husband to stores other accessories such as cufflinks, tie clips, rings, sunglasses, to name just a few. The dimensions of this watch box are 14 inches in length x 4 ¾ inches in width x 5 ¾ inches in height.

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5. Wowbox Messenger Satchel Bag For Men And Women

Besides the wallet or the watch, the satchel bag is among the top essential accessory item for a man. If you think that your partner or your husband needs a new bag, this is time to give him a fashionable and high quality messenger satchel bag.

One of the best satchel bags you can find on the market is the one made by Wowbox. This bag is made of premium cowhide leather and durable canvas. These materials are durable and scratch-resistant to make sure the bag would look nice regardless of whether your partner or your husband is the heavy user or not. Besides the high quality of materials, your partner or your husband would love the uni-sex design of this bag featuring a retro-looking crossbody bag. This bag is a great option to wear when your partner or your husband go out or go to work. With the shockproof laptop compartment, any laptop will be protected from drops and bumps. Other features of this satchel bag include the quick magnetic snaps, adjustable shoulder strap and numerous pockets (2 deep pockets on the front, 1 pocket on the rear, and 1 main zippered compartment) for you to organize all of the belongings.

There are 3 options for you to choose from including grey, green and coffee. You can also choose between 2 sizes- the 14 inch and the 15.6 inches.

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6. 3 in 1 Multifunction Metal Keychain Electronic Cigarette Lighter USB Rechargeable

Provided that your man is a fan of cool and techie gadgets, why don’t you give him one of those? Here is a recommendation for you. This keychain is not just a keychain. It is a 3 in 1 multifunction metal keychain which can be used as a cigarette lighter and USB charging.

This keychain is made of Zinc alloy material. This material makes the keychain look shiny. Not to mention that it would be long lasting and resistant against scratches. In addition, this product is made with a high-grade plating process to bring a thick and glossy finish. The USB charging and lighter functions of this keychain are also of advanced technology. After the keychain is charged for 2 hours it can be used as a lighter for more than 120 hours, making very convenient for your partner to carry with on a long trip. This is considered as an essential item that a man needs to carry out every day, especially when he goes on a picnic or a camping into the wilderness.

You can choose among 3 options of colors including light grey, deep grey, and gold.

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7. Rose All Day Wine Gift Set With Se Leva Rose Wine, Candle & Chocolates

Here comes a gift that both you and your partner can enjoy together. It would be a good idea to make a dinner at home and enjoy it with each other. And then a gift set to make the night even more perfect.

This gift set contains a bottle of Se Leva Rose Wine, a scented candle and a box of chocolate consisting of 4 pieces of rose infused chocolate pieces. The bottle of wine to enjoy during the dinner, the rose scented candle to make the night even more romantic and the box of chocolates as a treat of desert. This gift set has everything that you would need.

The Rose wine has the tasting notes and flavors of tangerine, honeysuckle and a touch of lavender. There are also hints of ripe raspberries, cranberries, and white peaches. All of these notes make a juicy and sweet rose wine. The wine is of high quality and it will surely enhance the taste of the overall meal.

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8. Apollo Tools DT9408 53 Piece Household Tool Set with Wrenches, Precision Screwdriver Set and Most Reached for Hand Tools in Storage Case

For a DIY hobbyist, there is no better gift that than a household tool set. Your partner or your husband might already have a household tool set full of items. But it is always a good idea to give them new and better tools for their future projects of repairing and maintaining around the home, office and yard. In case you are searching for such things as a gift to your partner or your husband, take a look at this tool set which consists of the most used DIY repair hand tools.

This tool box from Apollo consists of an 8 oz claw hammer, a 6 precision screwdriver, 1 bit driver, ten 1-inch bits, 4 wrenches, 8 metric Hex keys, and a 9-inch magnetic to name just a few. These tools are surely enough for your man to do a lot of projects- from the small one like hanging a picture on the wall to installing new furniture.

All of these tools are treated by heat to ensure they have the best strength and durability. They also all meet ANSI critical standards to ensure the highest level of safety while your man is at work. Furthermore, they are made with high quality materials and advanced designed to make sure you can handle them without any difficulty. These materials, including high-quality steel alloy and chrome plated to prevent these tools from rusting easily. All of these tools are packed in a very sturdy box for you to organize these tools easily.

Last but not least, this set offers a lifetime warranty so that your gift can be useful and useable for a long time after you give it to your partner or your husband.

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9. Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor – Bluetooth Connect to Android & iOS for GPS & SMS

When your man cares about his health and takes a lot of actions to ensure that he can stay fit and healthy all of the time, you should really consider a fitness tracker. This device is undoubtedly as essential as a watch for a man to wear, especially if they care about their health and wellbeing. A fitness tracker would help the user to track his movement during a day and his sleep. From these data, you would know which areas you should improve for a better health in the future.

This fitness tracker comes with a lot of features. It can act as a pedometer, an activity tracker or a device to alert you about call, text and calendar. The data that this fitness tracker can help to recorder the amount of calories burned, the distance that you have run, your heart rate, and the quality of your sleep, to name just a few.

This product has a lot of benefits. You can wear it even when you sleep. It is also waterproof so your boyfriend or your husband can enjoy wearing it while he swim and have the tracker track his swimming activity. Moreover, it has the Bluetooth connectivity for you to use many features of the fitness watch without using your phone. And did I mention that you don’t have to charge for this fitness tracker for a week? Just when this fitness tracker is fully charge, it can last for up to 13 to 14 days.

Last but not least, this fitness tracker is compatible with any smart phone which has the operating system of Anroid 4.3 or iPhone iOS 8.0 and higher. In another word, this fitness can be used with most of the smart phones that you can find on the market. There are 2 colors for you to choose from including blue and purple.

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10. Nintendo Switch – Neon Blue and Red Joy-Con

I know that for many men, even when they grow up and enter the workplace, still love game. They don’t play game as much as they used to do in the past. Still, playing game is undoubtedly the most popular hobbies among men. And they will try to get a hand on the gaming device whenever they have time. If you think that the above statements apply to your men, you can offer him a gaming device for the anniversary of both of you.

You can consider this classic Nintendo Switch system. This is the newest video game system from Nintendo which fixes the mistake and bugs it has while continuing to offers its strengths. This gaming system is very compact and lightweight, allowing you to bring it everywhere. Moreover, it is very easy to control the gaming system, even for a beginner. This Nintendo Switch can be played in the single player mode and multi-player mode so you can join your partner or your husband on playing game and having fun.

A package of this gaming device consists of a Nintendo Switch console, a Nintendo Switch Dork, a Joy-Con (L) and Joy-Con (R), and Two Joy-Con strap accessories along with the HDMI cable and the AC adapter.

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That is all about 10 best anniversary gifts that you can give to your boyfriend, your partner or your husband. There are a lot of things for you to choose from. You can consider an essential everyday accessory such as a wallet or a messenger bag. You can also think about a cool gadget or a tool box. Just think about the needs and preferences of your man. With careful consideration about what your partner or your husband would like as well as the quality of the gift, I am sure that you would be able to make him happy with a thoughtful gift to celebrate your anniversary.

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